Isekai Yururi Kikou – Chapter 3

I have arrived, different world


――And I return to the beginning.


First, in order to confirm the situation, I open the menu by relying on the inserted knowledge. Then, a black, half transparent window screen appears in front of me.
This is one of the special abilities Syl has given me.


【Name】Takumi Kayano
【Race】Human?[Wind God’s retainer (Temporary)]

Light Magic 50
Dark Magic 50
Wind Magic 150
Space Magic 100
Life Magic 100
Swordsmanship 50
Throwing 18
Appraisal 200
Dismantling 100
Cooking 85
Sewing 23
Washing 12
Cleaning 31
Crafting 37
Arithmetics 107
Reading 125
Physical Attack Resistance 300
Magic Attack Resistance 300
Transmigrated From a Different World
Blessed by the God of Creation, Marianora

A status screen appeared.
Alright, the name is my full name. Those with Family name are nobility! Though there are cases like that, it should to be all right.
Eeeh!? Race! Question mark!? I, I am not a human?
Rather, a follower? I have become god’s retainer (Temporary)!? I didn’t hear anything about this, Syl!!
Why!? Is what I thought, but thinking about it carefully, this body was made by Syl so it’s probably because of that……? He said something about his power dwelling inside…… it can’t be helped at this time…… let’s leave it at that.
Class. Blank space. Maa, that’s right.
20 years old… I became younger……
Level 3. Un? …… Ah, did my level raise after killing the Red Wolf? Then, no problems here.
Skills are…… relatively decent…? To be honest, I thought Syl might forget because he’s like that. Un, I’m somehow relieved.
Let’s see…… the numbers are proficiency? 50 is generally “more or less usable”, over 100 is skilled. Over 200 is master rank. 300 is MAX? Getting that far is a miracle.
I see~ Looking at the proficiency numbers of the skills, the magic and such is what Syl gave me and cooking and such are what I already had originally?
Because I lived alone, cooking was mundane, I sewed my buttons and did some weekend carpentering.
Still, the resistances…… are completely strange? The proficiency is MAXED. Is this that? That thing Syl said he will choose himself? Ah, mou…… he was too enthusiastic…
Umm, next is titles. Titles are something like nicknames or aliases?
Transmigrated From a Different World…… Maa~ seems right.
The God of Creation Marianora is the chief god who is supported by the four others, right?
What is a blessing? When did I receive a blessing? Maa… while I was asleep, right…
But, wouldn’t it say “Blessing of the Wind God’s Sylphreel” normally?


Ah, the titles increased.
Let’s see, let’s see……【Friend of Wind God Sylphreel】…………
Yosh! Let’s move on!

U~mm, next is……
There’s a tab beside status and item menu.
It’s a map.
When I try to view that, a map appears on the whole screen. This is apparently a world map.
Rough dotted lines are drawn, country names and their capitals are displayed. There are ten countries on the main continent. One island country. And one Confederation on a small archipelago. There are 12 countries in total.
There’s a forest on the south side in the center of the continent.
There’s small white pin stuck in the place it says『Gaya Forest』.

When I touch that pin, the map zooms in and the area around the pin becomes detailed.
Un, this is the place I’m at. I’m sure.
When I move while looking at the map, the pin also moves. Present location found!

I slide the map away and inquire about the details of this forest.
This『Gaya Forest』is large. Furthermore, this forest passed through five countries.
Where should I go? From my present location, the Guardia Country in the east is closest. There’s a town called Shirin slightly away from the forest.
Let’s go there. The destination, a town called Shirin.

Umm, next is……
The next tab is item list. While thinking to examine that, I felt like someone was watching me, so I turned around and saw two little children looking at me.
Azure colored hair and gold eyes. Thin bodies with simple ragged clothes stained with dirt.
Judging from the atmosphere, one is a girl and one a boy, but two of them looks exactly the same.
It’s strange that there are children alone in the forest, I don’t sense any other people around.

「Are you lost? Did you come here alone?」

When I ask the most plausible reason, the children tilt their heads. They look blankly at me in silence.
When I take a step forward, they take a step back.
…… They seem to be cautious of me.
I use the appraisal skill and a window appears in front of me.
Seems like appraising people is possible.



Water Magic
Hand-to-hand Combat
Presence Detection
Abnormal Status Resistance


It seems I’m not able to view skill proficiency of other people.
Or is it related to a proficiency of my appraisal skill?
Nevertheless, why do I feel like the status of these two children is not normal…
The name parts are blank… it means that they don’t have names, right?
Also, “human?” again. Is that race normal over here?
The titles part is question marks…
N~ what should I do? First of all, leaving like this would be inhumane…

「There’s nothing to fear, won’t you come over here?」

Ah, they came when I called.
I had to drop on my knees and timidly beckon them, but they approached.

「Umm, 《Washing》… and《Heal》」

First, I cleaned their bodies with Life Magic. As the name suggest, Life Magic is closely related to livelihood. Wash the target with《Washing》, illuminate surroundings with《Light》, make things dry with《Dry》etc…… It has the smallest power, but it has a wide range of uses, it’s a convenient magic usable with the smallest amount of magic power.
The eyes of the two shined and blinked in surprise, but they probably judged that they are in no danger so they didn’t run away.
After making their bodies clean, I could see small wounds all over their bodies so I healed them with healing magic. Healing Magic is Light attribute magic so I have it.

「Yosh! This is good. The next is a meal……」

They are this thin, they must be very hungry.
I check the item list while thinking so.

「Umm, there is…… money, equipment, medicine… water and food. Food is… umm…… hard-baked bread and dried meat… It seems too hard for the children right now. It seems hard to digest… Ah, fruit. Would this be easier to eat?」

The fruit, Ranka is sweet and rehydrating, it greatly resembles a peach. I retrieve fruits from the《Infinite Storage》and offer it to the two children.

「Here, eat up」

I place the fruit in the hands of the two children.
The two examine and sniff the Ranka fruit in their hands. After a while, they confirm that it’s not dangerous and start eating.
They look like small animals.
Seeing them comfortably eating, I once again confirm the contents of the item list.

「There’s also… raw meat, vegetables, and wheat flour…… huh……」

…… Syl. Even if you give me ingredients, I can’t cook without seasonings……


Ah, an item was added.
A set of kitchen utensils and seasonings were added to the item list after I complained towards Syl. Seems like Syl confirmed the circumstances over here and send me the items.
There’s only one thing I can do!

I would love tableware. Additional change of clothes and towels would be nice.
Ah, there a considerable distance from here to the nearest town. An overcoat or blanket would really help for camping.


I heard a mechanical sound from somewhere and a large quantity of items was added to the list.
…… Un. Syl, thank you.

While I was doing that, the children finished eating the fruit and jii~ were staring at me.
Because the clothes added to the item list were not only for me, but even for the children, I decided to change their clothes.
I click on the《Clothes》on the item list and retrieve clothes from the《Infinite Storage》.

「Isn’t it too tight, can you move freely?」

Oh, they nodded. It seems all right.
These children, although they do not talk, they properly understand me, right?

「I’m now going to leave the forest and go to the nearby town, do you want to go together with me?」

I can’t leave the children here so I ask them, the two children look at each other.
They seem to be conversing. Although they are not talking…
Is that it? The mutual understanding between twins?
They look at me. Did they decide? Nodding means they want to go with me, right?

「I’m Takumi. Best regards」


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