Isekai Yururi Kikou – Chapter 4

Fellow Travellers


As expected, those two don’t have names.

「Yosh, I decided! You are Allen. And you are Elena」

I think it would be inconvenient from now on if they didn’t have names, I named the boy Allen, and the girl Elena.
I somehow felt these names would be suitable.
Were the names appropriate? Allen and Elene seem satisfied so it’s okay.
When I checked their statuses, it had already recognized them as Allen and Elena.
I don’t know what criteria it has been decided on, but changing it again is now impossible. Hahaha~!

In such way, the three of us peacefully walk through the forest.
The two children are thin, but they have stamina. They are following me without complaining.
However, because they are without a doubt children, I take a break and let them drink water and eat dried persimmons.
Dried persimmons? It something Syl has added into my inventory. There are several types of dried fruit, there was also some onigiri, but they are already eaten.
By the way, rice does exist in Aetherdia. It’s called white wheat over here and is mainly used as feed for domestic animals.
If I want to buy some, I will have no chance buy to purchase it from a domestic animal farmhouse?
Ah! It seems something similar to soy sauce and miso also exists!
After all, for a Japanese, it’s a rice! Soy Sauce! Miso! Right~ I’m glad this world also have them~♪


Has it been approximately after an hour that we started walking again? Allen and Elena started suddenly running.

「Eh? What!?」

What came into my sight was two children chasing after a huge boar three times the size of them――I saw them charging at a Giant Boar.

「Allen! Elena!」

They run with all their power, but they doesn’t seem to be able to catch up. They are obviously chasing after a monster.
I can’t shoot the monster with magic because the two are there.
What should I do!? While thinking so――

Allen and Elena vigorously run towards one of the Giant Boars without stopping and give it a flying kick.
The Giant Boar they kicked screams『Buhi』and gets blown off backward.
Once they kick it, they jump up right after landing and give an axe kick to the Wild Boars neck.
The Giant Boar goes doshin and collapses.


So strong! What are these five-year-olds!!
These children certainly are level 12, but… Eh, is this normal!? A common sense of children of this world?
That can’t be true. Normal children would die.
While I unconsciously stopped running because of the shock and stood in place absentmindedly, Allen and Elena returned to my place as if nothing happened.

「…… Haa――― You two… you knew there was a Giant Boar so you started running?」

Two two children nod at my deep sigh.
They seem to understand.

「Would you tell me next time you found something before you start running?」

The two children nod again.
Don’t they have any sense of danger…? It’s a great achievement that these two young children survived like this until now, but if they keep on running away each time a monster appears, I will be in a bind.
I’m taking care of the children, letting them protect me would be foolish.
After confirming the two aren’t injured I lightly pat their heads, then I face the defeated Giant Boar.
They probably don’t know that monster meat can be eaten. Allen and Elena are ignoring the downed monster.
They don’t have a knife to dismantle it, nor they are able to build fire to cook it, so it may not have any significance for these two.
I collect the Giant Boar while the two look at me with “What are you going to do with that?” expressions.
First of all, let’s store it inside my《Infinite Storage》. If I can sell this in the town, I will purchase supplies for these two.
After deciding, I beckon the two children and walk towards outside of the forest.


After that.
Following Giant Boar the three of us encountered the Bloody Bear, Red Wolf x2, Great Monkey x2.
Each time, when Allen and Elena noticed a monster, they would pull on my clothes or arms to let me know.
However! Right after letting me know, they would immediately run off and start chasing monsters bigger than me.

Not knowing what to do with them, I checked for injuries then patted their heads. The two children close their eyes and smile in comfort while I pat them.
Are? Doesn’t this mean I’m praising them?
That’s why the two run off chasing after monsters…?
I thought that my real intentions didn’t transmit, but I couldn’t stop myself from patting Allen’s and Elena’s heads.


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