Isekai Yururi Kikou – Chapter 61

Risner Family


When we move to the dining room, Cedric-san’s family was already waiting there.

「This is my wife Olivie」
「I’m Olivie. Welcome and thank you for coming」
「I’m sorry for intruding. My name is Takumi」
「These are my sons Theodore and Latis. They are nine and seven years old. We also have a daughter, but I have not called her here because she’s still young」

Cedric-san introduces me his wife and two sons.
His wife is a gentle looking woman with chestnut colored hair and blue eyes. It looks like a picture when she stands next to Cedric-san, and they seem like a couple that gets along very well.
The eldest son Theodore-kun has silver hair, and green eyes after his father and the younger brother Latis-kun has chestnut hair and grayish blue eyes after the mother? They both inherit their parent’s traits in such way.
They also seem to have a daughter that will become two years old as well as these two sons.

「Hello, I’m Theodore」
「I’m Latis. Hello」
「Hello. I’m Takumi. These children are Allen and Elena. Hey, are you two not going to say hello?」
「…… Allen」
「…… Elena」

I kneeled down matching Theodore-kun’s and Latis-kun’s eyes, took out Allen and Elena who were hiding behind my back and incited them for the greetings.
Thereupon, Allen and Elena told just their names in faint voices and immediately sneaked behind my back.
This is…… not frightened or anything, right? …… Are they being shy?
Even though Allen and Elena saw children close to their age before, they have never had such face-to-face conversation before, so they are apparently nervous.
But, they seem to have interest as they are peeking at Theodore-kun and Latis-kun from behind my back.

「Theodore-kun, Latis-kun, I’m sorry. They are shy of people they meet for the first time you see…… if you’d like, please get along with them, okay?」
「Ara, ara, that’s the way children are」

I’m glad that everyone of the Risner family doesn’t seem to mind. However, a little more normal greetings are necessary.


「Well then, come this way please」
「Thank you very much」

When our introductions end, this is a nobility! We have been guided to a long table that was shouting such feeling.
The individual seats have been prepared beforehand, but there were two chairs stuffed on both sides of the seat that I was shown to.
They were, of course, Allen’s and Elena’s seats.
That’s right, isn’t it~ having a meal with people they see for the first time in a place like this, it would be naturally impossible for them to separate from me.
Therefore, I’m very thankful for this arrangement.
Did Cedric-san give such instructions? As expected, he doesn’t overlook the details~

The meal was harbor-ish, a soup full of marine products and bread. The main dish was sauteed of some kind of a white fish. It had salty taste as expected, but it was easy to eat.

「N? What is it?」
「「Want to eat jelly~」」

After finishing the main course, Allen and Elena requested for a dessert.

「Jelly, is it? What is that?」

The one who showed a reaction to those words first was Cedric-san.

「Ah~…… it’s sweets」
「Perhaps, Takumi-san’s handmade?」
「Ah, yes. That’s right」
「If it’s alright with you, won’t you let us eat some as well?」

Cedric-san seems to have an interest in the jelly.

「I will pay the price?」
「No, I don’t need money! It’s just that…… jelly is made from a slightly special ingredient, you see…… I’m worried…… that it’s not something nobles would like……」
「Oya, was it like that? I would definitely like to try to eat it without hearing the ingredients」

Cedric-san is unexpectedly a person brimming with curiosity……
Won’t he get angry after I let him eat the slime jelly? I will think about it when the time comes?

「I hope it will suit your tastes, but……」

I melt Giant Bee honey in the milk, took out the jelly that contained compote from Rigo from the《Infinite Storage》and serve it to the Risner family.
Of course, I handed it to Allen and Elena too.

「This is good, isn’t it! It’s jiggly and easy to eat」
「That’s right. It’s feeling nice and cold, and it’s very delicious」
「「It’s delicious!」」

The Risner family tries it right away. The taste seems to have a favorable opinion.

「「Onii~chan, delish~」」

Allen and Elena stuff their cheeks in satisfaction.

「However, I have no idea what was used to make it……」
「And milk!」
「Ara, ara, Rigo is a common fruit and milk is an ingredient that is often used. I wouldn’t call them special ingredients?」

The Risner family began to inspect the ingredients I used.

「N~…… I don’t know. May I inquire about the ingredients?」

Allen and Elena cheerfully answered Cedric-san’s question. The Risner family let out surprised voices.

「Ah~…… I have used slime jelly」
「Slime jelly…… is it? That thing from slimes that will do neither harm nor good?」
「That’s it」
「Something like that can be used to make something like this……」

Are? They were surprised at first, but they have a normal reaction…… did they accept it?
Are there unexpectedly no unpleasant feelings towards slime jelly?

「By the way, did Isaac eat this before?」
「No. Today is the first time I offered it to someone else besides my children」
「Is that so? Fufufu~ I can boast to Isaac with this!」

Does he perhaps wants revenge because Isaac-san was boasting about the Cream bread!?

「Then, Takumi-san. Would it be possible to purchase this recipe as well?」
「I, I don’t mind, but……」
「It’s good to eat after a meal, but it would be a suitable thing to eat on hot days or when the physical condition is not good. This will sell if put out in the store! Right, Joshua!」
「…… Cedric-sama, even if you ask me that」

Cedric-san asked Joshua who was refraining behind him.
However, Joshua-san has not eaten the jelly. It would be difficult to ask for his opinion~

「How about Joshua-san tries it as well?」

I took out the jelly and recommended to Joshua-san.
Joshua-san took a glance at Cedric-san. Ah, he’s asking for Cedric-san’s permission.

「Joshua, you try it too」
「Yes. Takumi-sama, is it all right?」
「Of course」

Joshua-san who obtained Cedric-san’s permission tried the jelly right away.

「This is……」
「How is it, Joshua? It’s delicious, right?」
「Yes. As Cedric-sama said, it seems like a suitable food for times when the appetite isn’t good」
「Right? We should start securing slime jelly immediately!」
「However, Cedric-sama…… Because slime jelly is a material that everybody ignores, it would take time to gather suitable amount……」

Because slime jelly is the lowest value material, high ranked adventurers don’t bring back much.
Even if a request was sent to the Adventurer’s Guild, it will be overlooked.

「Nothing will be brought back unless we increase the price, huh……」
「I expect so」
「N~…… if that’s the case, would you like to try putting up a capture request and try cultivating them?」

Eh! Are you perhaps trying to start a slime ranch? It has somehow become an amazingly serious matter!

Cedric-san and Joshua-san moved forward in an incredible direction, I could only listen.



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