Isekai Yururi Kikou – Prologue

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Tree, tree, tree…
Turning around 360 degrees, there are thick trees growing everywhere I look.
A lonely forest with no roads, my feet get covered in bushes with every step.
I can see a faint light through a gap of the branches so it’s a daytime, but because of the crowded trees, the overall mood is gloomy.
Syl…… wasn’t there a little better starting place?
Why here? There should have been many alternatives, right?


The person who I separated from a little while ago would probably permit me a complaint or two… While thinking so, I suddenly hear a beast’s growl and look around in panic.
Certainly, a beast is running towards me――A Red Wolf.
Red Wolf is a red, large-breed dog-like wolf monster. If I’m not mistaken, it’s a Rank C?
It has completely marked me as its prey.
I have no confidence because I’m improvising, but I can’t just stand here and let it attack me, so I point my hand like a pistol at the Red Wolf.

「《Air Shot》」

At the same time I shout, a lump of air shoots from my finger.
I fire a compressed air magic which resembles a bullet.
The air bullet hits the target, the Red Wolf『Gyain』whinnes and gets blown off backward.
I feel relieved that I hit the target properly, but I’m still cautious in case it can still move.

「This from the very beginning……」

Haa… I sigh, approach the Red Wolf’s dead body and store it with《Infinite Storage》.

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