Isekai Yururi Kikou – Side Story 2

A Certain Rainy Day


A story that takes place a while after arriving in the town of Shirin.

I got used to the life in the town after some days.
When I got up in the morning and looked out from the inn’s room, it was raining a lot outside.

「Ah~ It’s raining today……」
「「…… Uu~」」

When I mutter such after seeing the weather, Allen and Elena were clearly feeling down.
As for why――Yesterday evening, before going to sleep, I have promised them「Let’s outside the town to play tomorrow?」.
Allen and Elena were looking forward to that very much.


It’s not like I’m at fault, but seeing them so dejected, it makes me feel guilty indeed.

「…… It’s just a light rain, will it be all right if we put overcoats?」

If worn properly, I wouldn’t have to worry about them getting soaked.

「What to do? Do you want to go?」

Completely reversing their cloudy expressions, Allen and Elena cling to my legs with smiles.

「Yosh! Then, let’s eat the breakfast first!」

The two still don’t show many expressions towards strangers, but they show their innocence when it’s only us.
I leave the room after eating breakfast with loosened cheeks.

After finished eating the breakfast in the dining room, we left the town completely covered in overcoats――we arrive at the meadow in the south of the town.


The moment we left the town, Allen and Elena started jumping into puddles with all their might.

「Don’t fall~」

When thinking they would start running around, Allen and Elena suddenly crouched down.
N? Did they find something?
I crouch behind the two and look from above.
There, I saw a frog. Not a monster, but a palm-sized, ordinary frog.

「This is a frog」

It appears that Allen and Elena like the movements of the frog which jumps up and down.

「Ribbit, ribbit~」

The two chase after the jumping frog while imitating it.
Un, un, seeing them in such high spirits, it was worth it to come playing even if it’s raining.

After chasing after the frog, the two move here and there at their fancy and survey the surroundings with curiosity.

「「Onii~chan! Let’s go there~」」
「Yes, yes」

After exploring the forest, they seem to want to return to the meadow near the town.
Ah, the rain has stopped too.

「Look, Allen, Elena. A rainbow has appeared」

When the sun appeared from the gap of the clouds, a big rainbow appeared in the sky.
I immediately tell Allen and Elena to look in the sky.

「Rainbow~ sugo~i」
「Rainbow~ pretty~」

Allen and Elena who see a rainbow for the first time are frolicking while pointing at the rainbow.

「「Onii~chan, is this also a rainbow~?」」

A rainbow…… down below?
Allen and Elena who should be looking at the sky point at the ground this time.

「…… Eh?」

When I look where they point, a seven colored flowers――「Rainbow flower」were blooming in the ground.
Rainbow flower is a flower that blooms after the rain. It blooms and withers with the rainbow. Moreover, the place to bloom is random. It’s a flower whose blooming place can’t be predicted.
Because of its difficult discovery conditions, it’s naturally a rare material.

「This is a Rainbow flower. A medicinal plant」

The sunlight reaches them, and the petals start glittering.
Being able to see this should be an outrageous luck.

「Allen, will pluck~」
「Ellena will pluck too~」

Hearing the word “medicinal,” Allen and Elena started plucking the Rainbow flowers.
It’s a precious medicinal plant, so it’s better to pick them, but we have come to play today……
Well, the two look to be having fun picking herbs, so if the two are okay with it……. right? Un, let’s make it right.
Well then, I will get some too.


After picking sufficient amount of Rainbow flowers, the rest of the Rainflowers withered the moment the rainbow disappeared, and the meadow returned to normal.

「There is really nothing left, huh……」

The plucked flowers remain as they were, but the rest withered.
If I had not plucked any flowers, it would feel like an illusion.

「Mysterious, isn’t it~?」
「「Isn’t it~?」」
「Did you have fun today?」

It turned into a material collection in the end, but Allen and Elena apparently had plenty of fun.

「Then, shall we return?」


◇ ◇ ◇



I thought it would be wasteful to leave the valuable Rainbow flowers in the《Infinite Storage》, so I brought some to the guild.
There, when I took the Rainbow flowers out, Luna-san let out a shout.
Moreover, she shouted so much she「Cough, cough」choked.

「Isn’t this Rainbow flower!? Moreover, this many! Sugoi, sugoi!!」
「Ah~…… can I ask you to sell this for me?」

I thought she might be glad, but she’s delighted more than I expected.
Allen and Elena were startled by Luna-san’s strong reaction and stuck to my legs somewhat frightened……



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