Mezametara Chikashitsu!? – Chapter 103.5

Incident Occurence


「I quote! “Today, after the closing of the academy festival, Adam-sama, Dylan-sama, Miguel-sama, Nathan-sama, and several other students were abducted by someone. We request to dispatch a rescue party as soon as possible!”」

「What…… Lewis!」

「Understood! I will organize it immediately! Blake, sorry but head to the academy to obtain accurate information!」

「Got it!」

「Austin, Meison, follow me please」

「Al and Feli, wait with Samantha. Riley, return to the mansion and inform Henry. Gai, you go with the two」

After Claude and other busily left the room, Felice tightly grasped Albert’s hand.

「Al…… everything will be all right, yes? Oniisamas and others will be fine, right? …… Sniff」

「Feli, let’s go to Kaasama first. Niisamas and others will surely be fine」

The eyes of Albert, who hugged Felice close to comfort her, glinted.
Gai who caught a sight of that felt chills while thinking “the culprit is dead” at the same time.
Reaching where Samantha was, Albert entrusted her with Felice.

「I will be going too」

「Al…… I’m sorry」

「There’s no need for Kaasama to apologize. I’m just doing what I want」

「In truth, I wanted to go too, but I can’t even do that! Albert, I beg you to save my sons!」

「Leave it to me. Feli…… I will be going alone this time. Wait for me」

「Yeah…… Al, be careful…… save Oniisamas and others」

「It will be fine…… Gai, stay by their side」

「Leave it to me!」

After hearing Gai’s reply, Albert contacted Claude, took on the appearances of “Al” and transferred to Blake.
Blake was on his way to the academy.

「Blake! I’m going too!」

「Albert! No…… Al, did you let Claude know?」

「I did let him know! I will transfer us, so hold on!」

「Got it!」

The moment Blake touched his shoulder, they transferred to the academy’s entrance.
The gatekeepers were guarded against the two who appeared all of sudden, but when Blake gave his name, they were immediately guided to the Headmaster.
Upon entering the room they were guided to, a man somehow resembling Evan and several men and women were waiting inside.
It was the man who resembled Evan who spoke up first.

「You are here, Blake…… and Al-dono?」

「He will be cooperating with us this time」

「Best regards. I’m wanderer Al」

「I am Ricardo Dianes. I have been entrusted with this academy as the Headmaster. I appreciate your cooperation」

「My acquaintances are involved this time too, after all. By the way, are you Evan’s brother by any chance?」

「You bastard! What’s with that tone of yours! Moreover, I won’t forgive you for calling His Majesty by his name!」

When Al asked, a man by Ricardo’s side interrupted.
Before Al could open his mouth, Ricardo stopped the man.

「Stop it, Dyner. He’s a wanderer, not bound by our country. Moreover, I heard that he’s His Majesty’s friend. This is not your place to intervene」


(This man was together with that child. Dyner, huh…… I feel like I heard the name somewhere before)

When Al was recalling the memory where he had heard the name, Ricardo spoke to him.

「Sorry about that. To answer your question, I am the second older brother of His Majesty」

「As I thought. You do look similar」

「Let’s get down the business. I will ask you for the explanation」

According to Ricardo, a celebration was planned after the closing of the academy festival, but starting with Adam, several people who were supposed to show up for the resistance war didn’t appear on time.
The teachers and student council searched for them, but they didn’t think they would leave the premises of the academy on their own, so when they were about to contact the royal palace, a letter that confirmed their worries reached the gatekeeper’s hands.

【Dear Ricardo Dianes.
This academy you govern has some excellent students. Please, feel at ease as I will treat them with honor and hospitality. However, if you refuse to heed my demands, a few corpses could be arranged.

My demands are as follows:
1) Ricardo Dianes’s resignation
2) Abstinence of the Resistance War
3) 100 Platinum coins per person (there are eight hostages)

You have until tomorrow noon.
I believe in your wise decision.】

Seeing the contents of the letter, they immediately informed the royal palace.
While scanning the letter, Blake relayed its contents to Lewis.

「Still, how did they get abducted? They are quite strong themselves, and the defenses were strict as well, no?」

「That, we do not know. There were no eye-witnesses」

「I see……」

{Ricardo, I have something to tell you. Clear out the room}

「!?…… Everyone, please inquire of the students once more. Try getting information from those who operate shops as well」


Among the teachers who left the room under Ricardo’s instruction, only Dyner glanced over his shoulder.

「Is this fine? Al-dono」


「What’s the matter, Al?」

「Don’t you find it strange? Even if Adam and others did not resist, taking them away without anyone seeing would not be possible」

「Certainly, there are no other exits except the front and rear gates, the gatekeepers were on alert as well」

「Were the gatekeepers bribed?」

「Or, it’s possible that the people nearby were deceived by a skill, magic or magic tool. Otherwise, there’s a possibility that someone they trusted had guided them away」

「You mean that there’s a traitor!? A traitor in my academy?」

Ricardo was startled by the possibility of a traitor, but Al continued talking.

「It’s possible. Unless you have the understanding of the Resistance War participants, abducting eight of them at once would not be possible」

「Indeed, so that’s why you had the place cleared out」

「At this point of time, I consider only Ricardo himself to be safe. I cannot trust the teachers and the students」

「What do we do then?」

「I will check the situation by myself」


Ricardo and Blake’s voices overlapped at Al’s statement.


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