Mezametara Chikashitsu!? – Chapter 103

Incident Occurence


Gai carried a message from Claude.

「”We won’t be able to come for a while, so look around the shops until we contact you. Please, take care. I repeat, please take care” It says」

「He said it twice」

「He did indeed say to take care twice. Does he not trust us?」

((He’s not aware!?))

「Eh~? I think he’s only worried about us?」

((That’s also true, but……))

Olivia and Gai interjected in their hearts at the unaware two, but they did not dare to voice their thoughts out loud.
While the four aimlessly wandered around the shops, they discovered a crowd again.
Looking carefully, Miguel and Nathan seemed to be surrounded.

「Hey! Where are those two? Even though I wanted to ask about that magic tool! If you won’t let me examine him, introduce those two to me!」


「Won’t you please ask them to instruct us until the resistance war?」

「Rather, won’t you propose headmaster to employ those two in the academy?」

「They are wanderers. They won’t let themselves be bound by a country」

「I heard that you have studied together, won’t you let us participate as well?」

「If you have the resolve (to die)」

「If you are prepared (for your pride to get shattered) then negotiate with them di」

Even here, the cause of the ruckus seems to be “Sayo” and “Al”.

「…… Now then, where should we go next?」

「Is it fine to leave them alone?」

「We wouldn’t be of help even if we went over. Gai also doesn’t want to get near her, right? …… Huh?」

When Albert turned around, he tilted his head in puzzlement as he didn’t see Gai, but Olivia who was nonchalantly pointing forward.
When he looked where she was pointing, he saw Gai hiding in the shadow of a building about five meters away.

「Since when?」

「He sped away the moment he heard her voice」

「Gai…… he’s completely suffering from a trauma, isn’t he?」

When Felice and others joined up with Gai, they got contacted, so they moved to the meeting place.
On the way, Felice stopped as she caught a sight of a familiar girl.

「That girl……」

「What’s wrong?」

「Al, isn’t that the girl we saw at the church?」

「Eh? …… Now that you mention it. Judging by her outfit, was she perhaps adopted by some noble?」

「Yeah. Seems like it」

Whom Felice noticed was a girl she happened to see at the church on the first day of their arrival in this country. Today, she was dressed in clothing of nobles.
They did not interact with each other in particular, so Felice and the rest went towards the carriage.
Claude and others were waiting before the carriage, so Felice believed she would get in the carriage and quickly go home, but on top of stopping only after a short while, they stopped in front of the royal palace, so Felice and Albert had a bad feeling.

「Now, let’s enter. Evan is waiting at his private room with “Okaasan” and others」

「「They are!?」」

「I am going to talk with Andria」


「It seems that no one will save us」

Seeing Samantha and Olivia off, Felice and Albert began to trudge.
Having stopped before Evan’s private room, just when the two felt like they were at the point of death, Claude opened the door and urged two inside.
Entering the room, starting with Lewis, Austin, Blake, and Meison were waiting for them.
When Felice and Albert sat on the sofa, Lewis and the rest began talking.

「When Claude contacted us, “Again?” was honestly what I thought」

「I am ashamed」

「I’m sorry」

「First, some blochaed acted against his superiors and picked a fight with you, and then you got yourselves involved with the students. Although, all ended well in the end because an influential person intervened. Even in the mock battle, I don’t think you did anything wrong considering Miguel and Nathan’s feelings, but…… magic tools and weapons that were never seen before are no good」


「We have just taught you how to handle weapons, so you have not mastered them yet, no? On top of that, you were using weapons that were unknown to us properly?」

「I only used sword techniques for my attacks」

「I only used a spear and a bow. Others acted only as a threat, I didn’t use them to attack」

「I see. However, it’s still too early for you guys to be using weapons in actual combat. You still need more practice. Show us those weapons tomorrow」


「What I wanted to say is same what Austin said. No matter how easy you go on someone, you might cause someone to die when using weapons you aren’t used to. Keep that always in your minds and make sure to put a hard effort on the pursuit of knowledge. Understood?」


「I have one thing I want to ask. You have used that glove, right? How easy was it to use? Also, did the barrier magic tool activate properly? I thought that it would need to be tested soon, but to think it would be this soon? I was so curious, so eager to find out, I couldn’t stay still」

「There were no problems. The glove was easy to use. Umm, you know…… Meison, behind you」

「The barrier was activated properly. Umm…… Meison-san, behind you」

「What is it? What is behi…… nd… me……」

Felice and Albert obediently accepted Lewis, Austin, and Blake’s scoldings respectively, but a threatening ambiance started drifting around the room with Meison’s remark.
When the greatly excited Meison turned around after hearing Felice and Albert’s words, there were four Hannya staring at him.

「「「「So it was you, Meison!」」」」

「…… Oh darn」

「It’s not “oh darn”! You were aware of the weapon and magic tool, were you not?」

「Far from being aware, we made it together」

「If you made it then fine, but shouldn’t you have let us know too!?」

「Sorry, Austin. I completely forgot」

「You are always like that. I will have you properly reflect on your mistake this time」

「What are you saying, Blake! I’m always reflecting!」

「If you are reflecting, don’t do something like this again. You are not the same as that fool, are you?」

「You are lumping me together with that fool!? That’s the only thing I won’t accept!」

「In that case, make sure to report the next time. If you repeat this mistake again, you will be treated the same way that fool is!」

「I understand!」

「Certainly, I wouldn’t want to be lumped together with that fool」

「Yeah, I’d hate it too」

Felice and Albert, who became liberated because everyone was trying to call Meison “fool”, looked around the room.
The hands of Evan that were signing documents in silence since the two entered the room stopped, as he prostrated on top of the table with tears in his eyes.


As Meison’s scolding continued, there was an intense knocking on the door.

「Your Majesty! I’m carrying an emergency report! Please, grant me an audience! Your Majesty!」

When Lewis opened the door, a soldier who was gasping for breath entered inside.

「Just what is it about?」

「I, I am truly sorry for disturbing you! A word from the Radius Academy had arrived just now!」

「From the academy? What happened?」

Hearing that it was from the academy, Evan stood up and questioned the soldier.

「I quote! “Today, after the closing of the academy festival, Adam-sama, Dylan-sama, Miguel-sama, Nathan-sama, and several other students were abducted by someone. We request to dispatch a rescue party as soon as possible!”」


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