Mezametara Chikashitsu!? – Chapter 106

Respective Goals


Al and Sayo transferred outside the abandoned building, concealed their figures and walked inside.

「Listen, the girl I have talked about before is the child you know as well」

「I know. It’s just you fundamentally don’t remember people’s names and faces, right? You won’t speak to someone unless you can call them by their name」

「Huh? Did I get exposed? That’s because I remember only people important to you, Feli. Of course, Tousama and others are a different matter」

「Then, did you remember that girl because you thought she was important to me?」

「Hmm~…… I am somewhat interested in that girl. But, that’s it」

Al took the hand of Sayo who was walking beside him with an uneasy face, stopped walking and turned towards her.

「It is not that kind of interest by any means. The only one I treasure so much that I truly want to lock up somewhere where no one would be able to find is you」

「I, I, I, I got it! A, anyhow, let’s hurry!」

Sayo quickly left Al behind with a bright red face, but her face immediately turned dejected.

(Al is saying that he treasures me. I don’t wish for more. Someday…… someday, he will find his mate and happiness……)

Al hurried after Sayo who wiped the falling tears so Al wouldn’t see them.

「Wait! What’s the matter?」

「It’s nothing! Let’s hurry up!」

「…… Yeah」

When Sayo and Al arrived before the confinement room, they confirmed the presences inside and entered.
When they entered, the two lost their words.
That’s because everyone had collapsed with injuries.


「Sayo! Treat them!」

Sayo quickly began the treatment, while leaving the『Slave Collar』on and disabling only their effects.
Adam and Miguel woke up in the middle of the treatment.

「Ugh…… what? It’s so warm」

「This is…… healing magic…… we made you cry again. Feli」

「Oniisama…… sniff……」

「What happened? Didn’t I tell you to let me know if something happened!」

Adam replied awkwardly to Al who raised his voice unusually.

「Sorry. We tried to obtain at least a little bit of evidence…… it was my miscalculation. I put everyone’s lives at risk」

「It wasn’t only you. Everyone approved after all」

「…… Sorry for yelling. The rescue party will come soon, so I will protect you in the meanwhile」

After that, Nathan and others woke up too, and were startled by Sayo and Al who had come unnoticed.

「So, who is it that made you guys this way?」

Daunted by Al’s smiling yet cold eyes, they somehow started explaining.

「Bob appeared a while after you left, Al」

「That fellow burst into laughter as soon as he saw us」

「He shouted some incomprehensible things」

「Everything he said was a complete resentment」

「That fellow was frightened, so he hit us women first!」

「I was kicked in the stomach too!」

「To kick a woman in the stomach! The next time I see him, I will kick him in that place!」

「That’s a good idea! Shelly, you are the best!」

「I will do it with you!」

「Women…… are scary」

「「Rousseau, did you say something?」」

Threatened by Katie and Monet, Rousseau shook his head from side to side in a panic.

「We were beaten up after that. We have everything recorded」

「Even though we could have counterattacked if we did not have these collars」

「How annoying…… I will make him regret. I look forward to seeing his face」

「They were truly in the way. Even though I wanted to beat up that fellow so much」

「…… Is there a tendency for the second sons to be more extreme than the eldest sons?」

「Who knows? But, Sayo has already nullified the effects of these collars, so you can hit him all you want」


「Is that so? We can finally move freely then」

「As expected of Fe- guha! …… Cough…… as expected of Sayo! …… Miguel, you better remember this」

Miguel mercilessly elbowed Adam who was about to spit out Felice’s name.

「You are getting what you deserve. You better write it down in your mind」

「Indeed. No need to hold back」

「「「Nono! Why are you not surprised!?」」」

「Something like nullifying the『Slave Collar』effect is usually not possible…… Sayo-sama really is amazing after all!」

Seeing the reaction of Katie and others, Sayo and the rest all though the same.

((((((It’s hard…… being normal))))))

Within the delicate atmosphere, Al asked Miguel what was on his mind.

「Come to think of it, who is Bob again?」

「Bob Dyner. He picked a fight with you at the school festival, right?」

「Ahh…… so not only the parent, even the child is involved?」

Just when Al said that, a communication came from Austin.

{Al, we are about to break in. Is everything all right?}

{We are good. You can start anytime}

When he conveyed what he heard after dismissing the communication from Austin, Adam and others instantly showed nervous faces.

「We will conceal ourselves, but we will cast a barrier around you, so be at ease」

After saying that, Sayo and Al’s figures disappeared.


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