Mezametara Chikashitsu!? – Chapter 108.5

Divine Protection


「Say Gai, is this “Divine Protection of the King of Resentment” yours?」(Felice)

「Yeah. It’s there after all, huh」(Gai)

「Do Divine Protections have any effects?」(Felice)

「N? Let’s see~…… the effects of the Divine Protection depends on those who bestow it」(Gai)

「Then, is Al and Gai’s protections different?」

「My Divine Protection entails things like increase of ability and magical power during a battle and the ability to talk with monsters. The increase in ability and magical power raises in effect with the level of anger. For Albert’s Divine Protection, you have to ask him yourself. There wasn’t anyone who received a Divine Protection of Kokuryuu ever before after all. Moreover, yours is “Kokuryuu’s Favor” right?」(Gai)

「Yeah. Al~!」(Felice)

「What? What’s the matter?」(Albert)

「What effects does your Divine Protection have?」(Felice)

「If I remember correctly…… nullification of dragon-based attacks, also…… increase in self-recovery, and healthier body. Injuries will heal quicker, and you won’t fall ill. Also, an increase in Darkness resistance?」(Albert)

「I won’t fall ill? That’s ama~zing!」(Felice)

「You won’t~」(Albert)

Claude who heard their conversation whispered to Lewis.

「Hey…… if “Divine Protection” has such effect, what do you think “Favor” does?」(Claude)

「An extended lifespan, I would guess?」(Lewis)

「Surely not……」(Claude)

「「………… Haah~」」(Lewis & Claude)

Thinking about Felice’s future, Claude and Lewis sighed out.
And then, the next day, the public was informed about the outline of this time’s accident.


【This time’s kidnapping of Radius Academy’s students was a criminal act to overthrow the Royal Family.
The mastermind, Bosh Dyner, will be facing deprived of his peerage and executed.
The cooperator, Mash Dyner, will face the same punishment of depriving of his peerage and execution.
The cooperator, Bob Dyner, will face expulsion from the academy and sentenced to a crime slave for fifteen years.
Furthermore, other involved noble families will be revoked of their social status to become commoners】


This time, because the other four students got involved because of Adam and others, they were asked what they want as an apology, and they asked be trained by “Al” and “Sayo” for the Resistance War.
One of the requests was to examine Gai, but he politely declined as he had a “prior appointment” to attend, but “Al” and “Sayo” agreed to their wish.
The students of the Radius Academy who received a special training that lacked common sense fought unprecedently in both individual and team matches and achieved an unheard-of overall victory.
Thanks to that, the believers of “Al” and “Sayo” increased.
Everyone was cheerful, but Shelly didn’t come to the school after the Resistance War, so Katie who was worried about her, made a decision to visit her.
The members were Katie, Monet, Miguel, Nathan, Felice, Albert, and Gai.

「Hey, why did you bring the pipsqueaks with you? You are aware that the place we are going to has a poor public order, right?」(Katie)

「No need to worry. Gai is here too. Rather than that, Katie. You better keep your promise」(Miguel)

「I know! I won’t put my hands on him!」(Katie)

Felice who heard Katie and Miguel’s conversation inquired from Nathan.

「Nathan Oniisama, there’s a bad public order even though this is the Capital?」(Felice)

「Unfortunately, people who do bad things are anywhere」(Nathan)

「Is Shelly-san all right?」(Felice)

「She’s quite strong herself, so she will be fi――」(Albert)

「Oyoy, there are rich young masters and young ladies in a place like this~」

「That’s not good~ A toll must be paid in order to pass through here~」

As if interrupting Albert’s words, five grinning men in dirty clothes blocked the group’s way.

「…… Kyaa~ scary~…… did you think we were going to say that? This attitude of yours won’t scare anyone here. Of course, not even the pipsqueaks」(Katie)

「Hey, don’t needlessly agitate them. It’s just troublesome」(Nathan)

「Truly. We don’t need to waste our time here」(Miguel)

「Indeed. Having said that, I will warn you just in case, but you better not put your hands on the children」(Gai)

「What are you guys running your mouths for…… go get them guys!」


「I think you understand, but don’t use magic」(Katie)

「「Yes」」(Nathan & Miguel)

「Magic is too wasteful for them. Those guys are too weak compared to the two」(Monet)

Seeing Miguel and others kick the men about, Gai asked wonderingly.

「It’s unusual for magicians to be able to fight in melee」(Gai)

「Even though they were practicing magic, Oniisamas said: “We will die just with magic!”」(Felice)

「Looking closely, their fists and legs are clad in magical power, aren’t they? A delicate manipulation of magical power is needed for that. As a result, the power of their magic also improved. Niisamas are geniuses」(Albert)

「Is that it? “With my life at risk, I have to do everything I can” thingy?」(Gai)

「Life at risk, that’s rude. Nothing like that happened」(Albert)

「Is that so? I’m sure I heard you guys shouting “Avoid! You will die! Don’t lose consciousness! Do you want to die! Continue attacking if you don’t want to die!” during the practice」(Gai)

「It was the first day of their training, right? Austin-san got angry at me that day. He scolded me “It’s a special training! Do you understand what it means? It’s not a hunt!”」(Felice)

「But, Niisamas overcame that, and Adam and Dylan also became able to shorten their sword reflexes. It’s a win-win, so isn’t it fine in the end?」(Albert)


Just when Gai was feeling exhausted, Felice got pulled on by someone.
When Albert and Gai looked over, a dirty man was holding onto Felice while a malnourished woman held a knife near her neck.
The temperature in the eyes of Albert and Gai disappeared.

「Don’t you dare move! You don’t want Ojouchan’s pretty face to be injured, no?」

Miguel and others who defeated the five men stopped their movements when they heard the woman’s words.

「That’s why I told you it’s dangerous!」(Katie)

「We have to save them first!」(Monet)

「It’s fine. It was on purpose」(Miguel)

「「Haah?」」(Katie & Monet)

「Those three noticed that these guys had companions lurking in the shadows. That’s why they showed a gap on purpose to lure them out. But……」(Nathan)

「「But?」」(Katie & Monet)

「Even if they knew, to place a knife against their precious girl, those two won’t be able to stay calm」(Nathan)

The moment Nathan said so, Albert and Gai released their bloodthirst.

「I will yield to you this time」(Albert)

「I will do your share of work properly」(Gai)

「Fine…… come here」(Albert)

When Albert extended his hand, Felice leaped to him by transferring.
No sooner than that, Gai’s figure vanished, and he was lifting the two by their necks in the air in the next moment.


「Who do you think you placed the knife against? Don’t think I will let you die easily」(Gai)

「Transfer magic!? Hey! You mustn’t kill them! You have to hand them over to the guards!」(Katie)

Katie called out in panic, but Gai ignored her while laughing as he increased the strength of his grip until the two’s bodies started convulsing.

「Gai, you can’t go further than that」(Felice)

「Yep. Got it」

Seeing Gai immediately release his grip the moment Felice spoke up, Katie and Monet silently looked at Miguel and Nathan.

「Gai listens to Feli’s every word」(Nathan)

「Al too, so please be careful」(Miguel)

「「…… Yes」」(Katie & Monet)

After that, the hoodlums were delivered to the garrison, and the group left for Shelly’s house once again, but there was only a burnt ground left in place of the house.


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