Mezametara Chikashitsu!? – Chapter 7

Skills and Fright



(Someone has come again. Let’s check the person who came this time)

――Kii~…… gasha

The door opened, and someone came in.

「Oi, food! …… What, you are awake…… Tch」

A man and woman have entered, I understood that it’s the same man as before from his voice.

(What is this person…… I can’t see his face……. skill「Night Vision」. Yosh, I can see)

What I saw after using the「Night Vision」was a short-haired, bearded man in his thirties, a man with an ordinary face no matter how I look. And, behind him, with her hair behind in a dumpling, a woman in her forties with fox-like eyes.

「Are you awake? Fine. Then, I will convey the future plan. First,――――――」

(Let’s look at their statuses this time. SKill「The Mind’s Eye」)

I tried the「The Mind’s Eye」in order to look at the two’s statuses.

Name: Seth (Alias) Lv.20 (Camouflaged)
【Chase Lv.30】
Race: Human (Camouflaged)
【Fox Tribe】
Age: 35 (Camouflaged)
Affiliation: Ambler Empire (Camouflaged)
【Trust Kingdom】
Occupation: Low-grade Soldier (Camouflaged)

HP 1025/1250 (Camouflaged)【 3250/3300】
MP 130/142 (Camouflaged)【200/212】

Attack: 30 (Camouflaged)【70】
Defense: 25 (Camouflaged)【60】
Agility: 20 (Camouflaged)【100】
Intellect: 15 (Camouflaged)【45】
Dexterity: 25 (Camouflaged)【65】
Luck: 14 (Camouflaged)【30】

《Magic Aptitude》

Life Magic

《Skills》(Camouflaged)「Swordsmanship Lv.3」「Martial Arts Lv.2」
【「Body Reinforcement Lv.7」「Swordsmanship Lv.5」「Martial Arts Lv.6」「Throwing Lv.6」「Swiftness Lv.7」「Sign Detection Lv.6」「Concealment Lv.5」「Transformation Lv.8」「Night Vision Lv.6」「Sharp Hearing Lv.5」「Telepathy Lv.6」】

None (Camouflaged)
【Resourceful Operative・Phantasmagoric】

Name: Amalia Lv.11
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 42
Affiliation: Ambler Empire
Occupation: Head Maid

Attack: 20
Defense: 15
Agility: 15
Intellect: 30
Dexterity: 26
Luck: 35

HP 250/255
MP 100/124

《Magic Aptitude》

「Life Magic」「Fire Bullet」

「Housework」「Leadership」「Calm and Composed」「Communication」

Bailey House’s Head Maid

I was so startled by the『The Mind’s Eye』results that I have unconsciously rubbed my eyes.


No matter how many times I rubbed my eyes it did not change, and I ended up staring at the top of the man’s head.

(Those are…… animal ears, aren’t they…… he’s from the Fox Tribe, so those are fox ears…… also……)

My gaze went down below and stopped in one place.

(Fox tail…… looks fluffy)

Right, using the『The Mind’s Eye』, the man grew ears and a tail.
Moreover, he became younger, and his facial features became that of a sharp ikemen.

(I’m curious, but now is the time for the skill! I have to copy the two’s skills…… Skill『Ability Duplication』)

“Please, chose the skills to duplicate.”

I suddenly heard such voice in my head.

(What was that!? Chose, you say…… u~mm「Body Reinforcement」「Transformation」「Concealment」「Telepathy」and, err~「Throwing」「Sharp Hearing」「Swiftness」「Calm and Collected」!)

“Duplication commencing――――――――complete.”

Since it’s my first time, I was able to copy a lot of skills.

(I did it, right? I have to confirm later)

「―――Therefore, Dannasama is scheduled to return to the Feudal Lord’s mansion from the Imperial Capital three days later. Furthermore, four days later, it has been decided that we will go to the “forest” located at the borders with the Dianes Republic. Make your best effort not to trouble Dannasama. Do you understand?」

(Feudal Lord’s mansion, this is a frontier as I’ve thought! Moreover, I might be able to escape four days later when we go to the “forest.” Even though it might be impossible, I can try escaping with『Transfer』as well…)

While thinking about such things―――

「Oi! Why are you silent!」

All of sudden, the man lifted me up by the collar.


(Painful…… here…… skill『Life Absorption』)

I got angry and activated a skill.
Then, a voice resounded in my head again.

“Please, determine the absorbed amount. The target’s current『Life』is HP 3250 MP 200.”

(…… HP 1000 and MP 100!)

“Absorption commencing――――――――complete.”


「Wha!? What was that? My strength has suddenly……」

The man staggered and released his hands.


「Cough, cough…… cough」

While I gasp for breath, the woman addressed the man as if nothing happened.

「What are you doing?」
「This fellow is『Taboo』and yet she ignored you, so I was disciplining her」

As a result of the man’s words, I unconsciously muttered.

{What…… even though you are just a stupid fox……}

I immediately regretted. That’s because,


「!? Oi! You…… what did you just say」

He properly heard my muttering.
Is his hearing good because he’s a beastman?
Because it didn’t look like the woman heard me, I decided to feign ignorance.

「I…… did not say anything」

The man continued staring at me intensively.

「Rather than that, do you understand the schedule?」

The woman has asked me, so I immediately replied.

「Yes, I understand」
「Good. Have a meal and rest for today. Well then, we are returning, Seth」

The man replied while looking at me.

「…… Yes」

The two turned on their heels and went to the door.
While thinking I somehow managed to deceive them and watching the two leaving, the man turned his face towards me.


He showed me a fiendish grin.


(Hii!? It’s no good as I thought! His eyes were not smiling)

Feeling the coldness from the man’s grin, I realized I couldn’t deceive him.
As they left the room and the footsteps disappeared, I crouched down with head in my hands.

(I’m so stupid~ What to do…… there’s no point in regretting it now…… let’s confirm my status and think about the future)

「Haa~…… Status」

HP 15/15 (+996)
MP 640/1000 (+0)

「Abnormal Status Resistance Lv.3」「Pain Tolerance Lv.3」「Sign Detection Lv.2」「Night Vision Lv.5」「Magical Power Detection Lv.4」「Magical Power Manipulation Lv.4」「Parallel Thinking Lv.3」「Body Reinforcement Lv.1」(New)「Transformation Lv.1」(New)「Concealment Lv.1」(New)「Telepathy Lv.1」(New)「Throwing Lv.1」(New)「Sharp Hearing Lv.1」(New)「Swiftness Lv.1」(New)「Calm and Composed Lv.1」(New)

(Oh~ They all become level one when obtained? HP and MP have recovered, and the numbers next it are from the absorption, isn’t it…… if I increase it, I could be a magician as much as I’d like, won’t I……)

I decided to check my newly obtained skills.

「Body Reinforcement」: Strengthens the whole body. Five times more than the normal state.
「Transformation」: Possible to change the form. The state is kept until canceled.
「Concealement」: Allows to camouflage your own status.
「Telepathy」: Allows communicating with others without using voice. Distance increased with level.
「Throwing」: Correction when throwing.
「Sharp Hearing」: Allows hearing things far away. The range is existing within magical power.
「Swiftness」: Increases quickness. Running speed is three times faster than normal.
「Calm and Composed」: You can stay calm and composed in any situation.

By the way, I have obtained the「Parallel Thinking」skill during the magic practice.
Thanks to this skill, I can exercise more than two magics at once.

(That Seth person will be scary tomorrow…… he was making ‘I won’t let you escape no matter what’ eyes)

While thinking about tomorrow’s interaction,


「…… I get hungry even at a time like this, huh」

I decided to stop thinking, have a meal and rest.
Of course, the meal was――innocently eaten.


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