My Engagement was Annulled (lol) – Chapter 12

The beginning of the day.


It got reported.
Just when I finished preparing in the morning, Okaasama came to visit me.


………… Okaasama’s scolding was short.
Only, she said “Next time you make a hole, you will suffer from a hellish training, okay♪” with a wonderful smile.
This is the worst. A special training harsher than a boot camp. A special training that will shatter my stamina and will.
……… Let’s be careful……… seriously.

Now! Let’s recover and head for the breakfast!

I have arrived at the dining room…… yeah…… I forgot that the meals are disappointing……

A seriously hard bread (seems to be a bread of ancient times…)
Sunny-side-up fried eggs (they are salted and fried properly)
Grilled vegetables (with no seasoning)
Boiled meat (salted)
A soup with plenty of vegetables (thin, salty flavor)
Apple (in its entirety)

Quite a luxurious breakfast for this world.
……………… Who would eat salt every time! My organs will get done in!

We take morning meals disjointedly, huh~
I’m currently alone at the table.
What to do, should I call Thor Oniisama over?

「Good morning, Elise. Today will be fun」

He came even without being called over!
It’s a telepathy!

「Good morning, Thor Oniisama. Thinking of buying the expensive book, my heart throbs」

「Fufu, that so? Well, the leather bags Father handed me over yesterday were indeed quite heavy. My heart is also beating fast」

As I thought! Moreover, to the extent of his heart beating fast……… n? Waitwait, beating fast?

「My! Thor Oniisama’s heart is beating fast?」

I received a truly refreshing smile!

「Yeah! They are two bags of a considerable size, so it takes courage to carry it alone. But it will be fine, Elise is much lighter after all!」

Wha? What are you sayingmon? Since when were you aware of my weight? Don’t say you have guessed it! Irritating-!

「I’m lighter…… is it? Thor Oniisama…… how much do you think I weight, Thor Oniisama?」

Smile! Keep smiling, Elise!
Smile no matter how irritated you are!

「Ah……… no, it was just an example, Elise. I think it weights around that」

Haa? You think it weights around that……?
Why are you making such a frightened expression?
Thor Oniisama yo………

「That face of yours, it’s exactly the same as Okaasama’s……」

Gyaa-! I was told something horrific!
Even though I take after Otousama!


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