My Engagement was Annulled (lol) – Chapter 13

Breakfast and seeing off.


Now then, I who was watching Thor Oniisama who ate his breakfast while frightened also started eating.

Well, gold coins must be heavy……
I have no scale so I’m not sure though.
Ahh~ it’s no good for Thor Oniisama to be frightened forever.
I should stop it soon.

「Thor Oniisama, let’s head to the Jasper Company after seeing Otousama and Casval Oniisama off」

Breathing out lightly, I changed my feelings and spoke.
That was enough for Thor Oniisama to understand.
Oniisama breathed out lightly too and faced me with his usual, gentle smile.

「Yeah, let’s do that. I believe Father and Elder brother will be glad to have you see them off. I hope we find a good reference book at the company」

I think families are nice at times like this.
A reference book, huh…… hmm……

「Yes, I think I would like to get my hands on a book of domestic vegetation……」

A pensive look surfaced on Thor Oniisama’s face when I said that.

「Fumu…… wouldn’t it be better to buy a general book of plants and a list of regional vegetation then?」

Eh? What is this list? I’m hearing about this for the first time though?

「N? You have never heard about the list of regional vegetation? It’s unexpectedly easy to understand list that the merchants, guilds and even adventures buy. I think it would be good to buy that as well, what do you think?」

Nice! I want to buy one!

「Let’s obtain it by all means! Thank you, Thor Oniisama! It’s my first time hearing about it, but I’m interested now」

My mood got slightly improved and the joy overflowed.
Thor Oniisama who saw me like that was in a good mood.
We have finished the breakfast in a good humor.

The two of us decided to wait for Father and Elder brother in the entrance hall, they will come here before long after all.
………… And without waiting for too long, the two appeared.

「Otousama! Casval Oniisama! Good morning. You are going to the royal castle today, so I will be expecting good news at the dinner!」

The merry smiles of Otousama and Oniisama were too dazzling.

Today will be a good day for sure.
I have such feeling~


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