My Engagement was Annulled (lol) – Chapter 14

Okaasama is going out too?


「Dear, Casval…… I am expecting good news」

A chilly and coercive voice of Okaasama resounded from behind.
Okaasama usually has a cute voice with cute proportions, but she is really fearful when her tone changes a little.

With my heart nervously throbbing, I looked at Okaasama.
The surrounding air got cold.
Turning around, Otousama approached Okaasama.
……… Otousama?………
He suddenly embraced Okaasama!
Eh~??? Was Otousama such character all along-?
When I glanced at my brothers, they were calm and composed.
It appears to be a scene they have gotten used to.
…… I have always finished last in the mornings up until now, so it’s my first time seeing this.

「Do have high expectations, Casval is going with me today as well. The situation is different from thirteen years ago and the royal family is indebted to us, we should have an advantage this time around」

……… Thirteen years ago…… the time of my engagement, is it?
I feel a quiet fighting spirit from Otousama. But not only Otousama, Casval Oniisama too.
As the next Feudal Lord, Casval Oniisama is always busy running between the fief where Ojiisama stays and the capital where Otousama is.
I’m told that Casval Oniisama worked hard so he could spend a relaxing time at my graduation.
I’m sorry for making your relaxation impossible. I apologized in my heart.
I mean, it’s not my faultmo~n, it’s a fault of that stupid princemo~n.

「All right, I have to go out as well. A messenger came early in the morning, so I will be on my way to meet Her Majesty the Queen」

I didn’t notice that a messenger came today.
Moreover, from Her Majesty……… Otousama seems to be calm though.
However, it’s not the time for a tea party……

「I see, shall we go together then?」
「No, let’s go separately. We don’t know when each’s business will finish after all」
「Right. Well, we will be going now then」
「Yes, have a safe trip」

Only after planting a kiss on each other’s cheeks did Otousama leave.
Casval Oniisama followed Otousama in silence.

The serious atmosphere is making me nervous.
And Otousama’s and Oniisama’s cool figures can’t make my heart stop throbbing!

「Thor, Elise, I’m going out as well. You two, enjoy your shopping」

Saying that briefly, Okaasama elegantly left.
Whoops, not good! Before she leaves!

「Okaasama, have a safe trip」
「Mother, be careful」

She turned around with a smile before closing the door behind her.

「You guys too」

And she left.
I asked Oniisama while staring at the closed door.

「Shall we go too?」

An immediate reply.
Now then, let’s go out!


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