My Engagement was Annulled (lol) – Chapter 15

......... We swiftly returned.


It’s forenoon, but we have returned to the mansion
I’m currently at the salon, leisurely enjoying black tea while looking at the reference book.
Company? We achieved our purpose and immediately returned.
Enjoying the Capital? Impossible.
……………… As a child of modern times, this world of (early) Middle Ages Europe is impossible for me.
No, I said a child of modern times, but that was considered the around forty generation though.

Even if I said it’s the world of Otome Game, a 2D world doesn’t have a smell nor sounds after all.
But, the smell……… this world has a smell!
To put it bluntly, the Capital smelled old.
With no water and sewer services, a world that doesn’t concern itself with hygiene.
Even high-ranking nobles like us are struggling with the disposal of excrement.
You can easily guess how the commoners are.
The stank flowing through the downtown……… it was difficult to keep my nose and mouth shut.
Therefore, I returned home immediately.

Fuu……… to those that are eating, I’m sorry.
………… Our house is the best for having a restroom!
Although I say that, it’s just an exclusive small room decorated with bright colors and strong-smelling flowers which the maids frequently change.
Moreover, there’s an opened small window at the very top to let a fresh air in.
The restroom is clean, wonderful!
When I returned to the mansion, I went straight to the restroom.
Truly a beautiful place to relieve yourself without the smell of excreta.
Of course, I took care of my business too (lol).
When I left the small room, I really appreciated when I saw a figure of a maid entering the small room and leaving with a lidded pot in her hands and disappearing on the staircase for servants.
Though I definitely felt embarrassed, the excrement would build up if left alone!
………… Let’s end the talk about filth here.

In the end, we had enough to buy both the first and second volume!
The list was cheaper than I expected.
Therefore, I’m looking through the first volume while Thor Oniisama is looking through the second.
Unexpectedly, the index was in alphabetical order.
The book was filled with names of plants that were both familiar and unfamiliar to me.
There were familiar plants such as Ginko tree, and also mysterious plants such as Gara tree I have never heard about before.
I’m deeply interested!
It’s just, how do I say this………
The state of the vegetation feels like they are from Kanto to Hokkaido area……
…………… Which reminds me, there’s not much snow, but people freeze to death every year…………
Cold! I will have to wear a fur coat in the winter!

I want to go to a warm place………
I mean, the graduation was held in the fall…… it will become cold before long………
It’s Western in the strange places!


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