My Engagement was Annulled (lol) – Chapter 18

They returned…………


The lunch time with Thor Oniisama has come to an end.
The day is a long one.
It will be 3 pm soon.
The family has left at 9 am in the morning, so I think they should be returning soon.

After the lunch, the two of us spend the time in the salon as well.
Jennifer’s perfect smile is amazing.
The cake was delicious, so she’s looking at me with sparkles in her eyes.

…………… Sugar beet………………
Sugar beet! I’ve heard of it before! Yay, it’s in the reference book! Moreover, it has a Daikon-like illustration!
There’s no doubt!
Moreover…… moreover, there’s one production area in our fief! Although I say that, it doesn’t seem to be produced in large numbers.
I can make sugar with this.
Ah~ my happiness from looking through the book is increasing♪

Hmm? Did someone come?

「I’m tired」
「Did you succeed?」
「Fufu…… Elise, will you praise this elder brother?」

Okaasama, Otousama, and Casval Oniisama returned.
Still, Casval Oniisama…… what is with this ‘praise me’ look.
Look, Otousama is glaring at you.

「Welcome back. It took you quite a long time, didn’t it?」
「Mater, Father, welcome back. Elder brother, what is it? What happened?」

Thor Oniisama, you are quite harsh towards Casval Oniisama, aren’t you? (lol).
Serving tea to the usual positions……… a cake was placed in front of everyone!
Seriously? That makes me nervous!

「This is a ‘cake’ that Elise-sama has invented. It is very sweet and truly good tasting」

When the butler introduced it, I was stared at by my entire family.

「Let’s eat」

Okaasama said so briefly and carried a mouthful into her mouth.
Her eyes opened wide and she started munching in silence.
She ate it all in no time.
Fast! Seriously fast!
Otousama and Casval Oniisama were dumbfounded.

「Fuu…… Elise, it was very delicious. I haven’t tasted anything this good even in the Empire」

Okaasama is originally from the neighboring country. A Ducal House of Sylvania from the Golgotha Empire.
So sweets aren’t developed to such an extent, huh.

「If it’s Empire then you can get the sugar or what it is called there, but…… to make something this delicious just from honey and dried fruits……」

「Eh? Sugar? There’s sugar in the Empire?」


Crap! I unconsciously lost to my appetite!
Okaasama and I stared at each other.

「There is. However, it is a luxury that only the Emperor and Ducal House related to the Imperial Family can enjoy. Sugar originates from the southern countries and only small amounts are brought by merchants over. There aren’t many people who know about it in this country. How do you know of sugar?」

……… The time has finally came…………?


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