My Engagement was Annulled (lol) – Chapter 19



Let’s explain it simply! Let’s do that!

「Clear out the room please」

Okaasama’s staring is scary.

「It’s an important discussion among the family. Withdraw please」

With a brief comment from Okaasama, the butlers and maids left the room.
Okaasama is at the top of the hierarchy in our family.
I don’t know the reason.
When I looked at Otousama and Casval Oniisama, they were in the middle of exclaiming high praises.
Both of them finished three slices.

「…… You may be shocked and may not even believe me, but will you hear me out?」

「Of course. You are the daughter I gave birth to, how could I, as your Mother, not believe you?」

Okaasama pushed firmly with a strong gaze.

「I have memories that are not of this world. In that world, sugar wasn’t a luxury, but something that everyone could obtain cheaply. Hence, I know that the general term for goods made from sugar are called confections. Also, I know that non-sweet confections were made for people who were not good with sweets」

「A world that is not this one. You surely must have a various knowledge and be aware of many differences, Elise…… you shouldn’t let anyone know. It was a right choice to clear out the people. Also, this could become your weapon. I’m glad that you didn’t fall for that stupid prince, I think that from the bottom of my heart」

I temporarily feel relieved.

「I’m curious about many things, but do you mind if I say what was decided upon first?」

Otousama forced his way through.
Is it because he can’t read the mood?

「Elise, it has been decided that you will go to the royal palace tomorrow with me. It appears that the stupid prince has something to say to you」

He still has something to say……
How persistent! That shithead……

「I understand. I should go together with Otousama then?」

「Oh my, I will be going as well」

Okaasama’s declaration of war, here it is♪

「? You serious……?」

Otousama, do you oppose?

「I was reminded by Her Majesty the Queen. There’s something about what the young lady in question said」

「I see, shall we go together then?」

When Okaasama smiled, Otousama reluctantly ended the conversation.

「…… Now then, there are other things that have been settled thanks to this time’s ruckus. The official annulment of the engagement will be settled tomorrow. Additionally, I have decided to return the tariffs and tolls to the regular amount. I will also be replaced as Minister of Foreign Affairs. I was quite disagreed with though」

Otousama said with a smug face.

「Furthermore, our fief will no longer offer free marine products every month as we did. They will have to come to us to buy marine products when necessary」

Casval Oniisama’s declaration of war, huh…… rather, we have been offering marine products for free…… were we feeding them…… so irritating…………


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