My Engagement was Annulled (lol) – Chapter 2

His Majesty the King appears.


It’s seriously noisy.
The crowd of people split up to make a space.

His Majesty the King and Her Majesty the Queen walked with pale faces.
I understand you! Prime Minister Duke Van explained the situation.

When I glanced at Otousama, he was looking at His Majesty with an evil smile.
Oh my, he definitely is thinking something bad.
He’s a respectable noble with no thoughts of causing a crime, but his scheming has been thoroughly tempered at the frontier……
Otousama is a man who is well spoken in both the literary and military arts.
Tariffs and tolls will be restored to their regular amounts and the port will also start charging usage fees.
There are also goods and money we have lent out.
I wonder what’s going to happen~

「Father! I have annulled my engagement with Elise and took Marianne as my new fiancée!」

Is he an idiot!
Did you not know that you can’t annul an engagement on your own or something!
While at it, it’s also not possible for you to form a new engagement either!
He was a serious idiot! Stupid prince!

「…… Margrave Schwarzwald, sorry…… how did it become like this……」

Ah~ he’s half-crying, our poor King~
Well, of course, he is~ this country has only one neighbor after all.
Well, to be precise, our country is like the Iberian Peninsula with only one neighboring country, but there is an Alps-like mountain range stretching along the national borders, which are very difficult to cross.
The only place to cross is where our territory is located.
In other words, there’s only one passage through a valley from which you can reach our country by land.

Mountain range of Alps, valley, Mount Fuji, precipitous cliffs, sea.

The border is like that.
Moreover, the seaside is also terrible.
Sandy beaches and ports are only in our and the neighboring fiefs.
Everything beside that is a precipitous cliff.
The bottom is a rocky area with rough waves.
There are only three places where ships can dock and two of them are in our fief.
Because of that, Father’s rank raised from Earl of remote area to a Margrave of the frontier.
It’s not a countryside because it’s located at the borders, but frontier.
That’s because the frontier protects the capital.
The frontier is prospering because the goods are coming in and out of the neighboring country.
Moreover, because ships from other countries also visit our port, more unusual things can be found there than in the capital.
……… Somehow, it feels sad.
It was planned for me to marry this stupid prince……

「No, don’t mind it. Your Majesty, I am sorry but would you please allow me to bring my daughter back to our fief? …… My daughter seems to be tired and I’m thinking that it would be better for her to return and think of other things?」

Uwaa…… he’s angry~
Taking a look at the nearby nobles, there were quite many with pale faces…… mainly the high-ranking nobles though……

「Y…… yes…… I understand」

「Well then, Your Majesty, please excuse us. Elise, we are returning」

So fast!
He declared it without covering anything!

「Yes, Otousama. I am extremely tired」

「I thought so, let’s return to the capital’s mansion」

Well, it’s that.
After returning to the capital’s mansion, we will be returning to the fief’s mansion tomorrow, right?
We can’t return from the capital with such light preparations.
This world is a world of sword and magic, so many things are possible, but the mortality against monsters is also quite high.
It’s true that I’m tired and I also feel hungry.
If I were this tired in my past life, I would have a tea in a bath and then went straight to the bed.


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