My Engagement was Annulled (lol) – Chapter 20

And then, and then (lol).


「Well, the big place is such a place after all」

Casval Oniisama, that big place will be reduced to small one in the future, huh.
Rather, just how much money were they taking from us……
Still, Okaasama’s mood seems to be very good.
I understand her! It was something like a budget deficit, but the financial situation will only improve from now on.
But…… even though it takes several days for the marine products to reach the Capital from the port………
Did they…… do something with them? Think! Remember!
…………… Crap, I don’t know anything (lol).
Can’t be helped, let’s ask.

「Those marine products, how are they transported? It should take several days to transport them right, do they not spoil?」

The eyes of the whole family stick onto me.
Huh~? How strange~?

「Elise, when you were small you said『You just have to put the fish into a box with ice and cover the box with sawdust and foliage』. We didn’t know what sawdust is so when we asked『It’s the scrap that comes off when shaving wood』is what you replied with. Thanks to that, we have become able to transport marine products to distant places. Nowadays, we have people who can use low-grade ice magic accompany the products so it’s difficult for the ice to melt」

I did it, huh! My memories didn’t return completely, so I have been doing it frequently, huh. I have such a feeling.

「Is that so…… I said something like that……」

Shit! I can’t be so careless!
It’s unnecessary trouble brought upon myself!

「Elise, when you were small, you have often said and tried doing incomprehensible things. So it was knowledge that wasn’t from this world, I see. I tried making those that I could understand, the icebox was one of them. I now find it regrettable that I couldn’t understand more」

!!!!! I did it quite a lot!
But, she couldn’t understand! I’m glad!

「Okaasama, don’t regret it please. We are starting just now!」

Right, we are just starting! Grin!
I will do it! I want to eat delicious things first of all!
I’m fed up with the saltiness! I have already confirmed what can be eaten in the reference book!
Wait for me, ingredients!

「Still, this thing called cake is really delicious!」

Otousama………… far from not being able to read the mood, you are a destroyer.
Okaasama is looking at you with cold eyes!


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