My Engagement was Annulled (lol) – Chapter 4

Home meal.


We have arrived at our Capital’s mansion.
The starving me wants to eat with all of my might!
Hence, I have to remove this troublesome corset!
My waist is 56cm and it squeezed me even more!
Our maids are excellent but they have no mercy!

It seems that I will have to go straight to the dining room if I don’t say anything.
Murmuring so in my mind, I got off the carriage.

「Otousama, I will change my clothes, so please wait a moment」

He was about to get off of the carriage as he smiled!
Oh no, my heart is throbbing!

「Yeah, make yourself comfortable. It might drag on for a little after all」

「Thank you very much. Then, please excuse me」

Dash! I can’t dash, so I elegantly fast walked.

I remember both the memories of a young noble lady and my past life properly.
Although it’s a mysterious feeling, I can’t help but understand it.
Just thinking of going towards my room, my body moved on its own.
Opportunism? That might be so, but I can’t have it any other way.
When I opened the door after moving on the familiar path, my personal maid Anise rushed over in a panic.

「Elise-sama, this… to return this early… why…?」

Oh my~ this maid with teary eyes is so adorable~
That’s not it, I should convey her my business.

「Anise, various things happened. I want to change, please help me…… I want comfortable clothes」

「Yes. I will take off your corset」

The maid running around making preparations is one year younger than me, a 17 years old Anise.
Her height is a bit low, so she looks cute~
When I slowly walked over to the partitioning screen, she prepared a simple sky-blue dress with soft cloth shoes for me.
As I stay there in silence, both the dress and corset fall off of me.
Even without saying anything, my body moved only with the movements of Anise and I was ready for the simple dress.
Turning around, I got finished dressing without doing anything.

「Thank you for your wait」

「Thank you, I can now eat without holding back」

Anise bowed her head and vanished with the dress I was wearing just a little while ago.
It’s going to the laundry room, the dress that was made just for today.
I wore it only for a little.
But…… I will wear it before long again!
Now then, food, food♪
The food of this world………………………
Is seasoned with salt!
Sweets are only honey and fruits!
Unuu…… I will definitely cause a food terror! Without a fail!

Otousama is waiting, so let’s hurry up to the dining room!
Fast walk~♪

I have arrived at the dining room~
……… All members of my family are present………
At the table, there’s bony meat (seasoned with salt), boiled vegetables (with salt again) and soup (with meat, vegetables, and salt).
Yes, it’s the standard menu of our house.
How miserable.

「Well then, let’s eat」

With Otousama’s words, everyone took their respective seats and began eating in silence.
It’s good, but a bit lonesome……
Even though there should be things like herbs, have they not been popularized yet, I wonder……
It does not mean the eating habits are bad, but they are unsatisfying.
My tension decreased together with the meal.
Yeah, let’s make our meals abundant at the very least!


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