My Engagement was Annulled (lol) – Chapter 7

Family talk. Part 2


「Today was Elise’s graduation party, but the Third Prince Siegfried annulled their engagement just before the party started. As his behavior was just too selfish, we returned immediately after His Majesty arrived. Taking the opportunity, I declared that we will be returning to the fief」

Otousama, your simpleness is exaggerated~ (lol)
Party starts ➡ His Majesty gives his congratulations ➡ Her Majesty gives her congratulations ➡ graduates greet His Majesty and Her Majesty in order ➡ after everyone gives their greetings, the dance ball starts (His Highness and I were supposed to dance as representatives of the graduates) ➡ the graduation party switches into a normal evening party.
That was supposed to be the original flow of the graduation party.
It would take time until the dance, so the family members except the fathers were supposed to come later, and therefore there weren’t many noble guests at the time……
But, as expected, there were ladies who love to gossip here and there.
Tomorrow, the entire nobility will know!
The gossip network won’t be defeated after all!
You can feel the enormous power of analog (lol).

「Oh my? Is that really all right? Heinrich, you…… are the Minister for Foreign Affairs after all」

Yes, Okaasama’s interjection came~

「Don’t care! First of all, when I go to the royal castle tomorrow, I will make the procedures to return tariffs and tolls back to normal rates」

As I thought, they seemed to be quite low after all……

「My, is that so? The tariffs and tolls are one-fifth of the regular amount, so the fief will profit from this too」

Seriously! Okaasama, aren’t you frank?
One-fifth is too cheap, you know…… Otousama, you have completely made up your mind (lol).

「Seriously, but His Majesty proposed one-tenth at the beginning ……… ridiculous………」

Gyaa-! What was he thinking!
No, he might have been thinking that to acquire more power, but!
Our private army is reasonably large, and it costs money!
To manage with one-fifth, as expected of Otousama! As expected of my Father!

「Good grief…… but, with this, the management of the fief will be much easier in various ways」
「It’s as Elder brother says」

Ohh, my Oniisamas get along well~
By the way, what do they mean by ‘various ways’?

「Fufu…… good grief…… not only were you pushed on that good-for-nothing prince, even our precious source of income was pinned down, but……… we can make a comeback thanks to the good-for-nothing prince!」

Oof…… Okaasama’s motivation switch has been turned on.

「Tomorrow will be complicated, Casval you come with me. To argue people down」
「Yes! Let’s push the discussion towards our fief’s advantage!」

Otousama’s and Casval Oniisama’s motivation switch has also been turned on~!

「I would like to prepare to return to the fief as well」

There are many things I want to do too after all!


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