My Engagement was Annulled (lol) – Chapter 8

Family talk. Part 3


「………… I see, preparations, huh…………」

「Yes, Otousama」

Eh~ why is Otousama showing disappointment?
Is there something?
……… Nuu……… I can’t think of anything.

「Anyhow, there might be necessary things I need to prepare tomorrow. I need time for that」

There might be things that can be only found in the Capital after all~ Or maybe, someone here might be making some interesting things.

「Elise, is there something you need my help with?」

Thor Oniisama will lend me a hand? That would help.

「I don’t know. However, I would be delighted if I had your help, Thor Oniisama」

「I see, I will be waiting for your word in the mansion then」

The smiling Thor Oniisama is really gentle, I understand why the young ladies make so much noise around him.
……… Looking carefully, the face value of our family is quite high, isn’t it~
My face too, although not of the cute kind, it is pretty.

「Fumu…… is there something you need in particular?」

Otousama? What’s the matter?
……… Hmm? Something like a plant encyclopedia or something………… I don’t have anything like that, do they even sell them?
Alright, let’s try asking!

「If something like plant encyclopedia was available, I think I would like that……」

「You want something unusual again. They certainly have that only in the Capital. Fine, go together with Thor to buy it. Jasper Company should be dealing with those」

What a quick reply! As expected of my Father!
Since I will be going with Thor Oniisama, it means that he will provide the money, right! Lucky~!
Jasper Company, if I’m not mistaken, is a company rumored to have more scholars and magicians that noble families, right?
Something like encyclopedias are rare, I haven’t seen them even in the academy.

「Elise, what do you want plant encyclopedia for?」


Oh my, I blanked out.

「Something like a plant encyclopedia, you wouldn’t normally want that, right? Is there something?」

The tsukkomis are coming~

「Yes, I want to examine many things. If possible, I would like to try that in the fief, not in the Capital」

I’m not lying! It’s the truthmon.

「Try, you say…… just what do you want to try?」

Ku! Your tsukkomis are getting even more painful, what the hell.
…………… Is this perhaps because it’s a very expensive book?
Right, so expensive that even the academy can’t purchase it? A book that would be too good o lend to students?
Either way, it definitely is very expensive.
I feel like being honest here would be the biggest shortcut.

「Let’s see, I think I would like to research edible plants. I want to find out what can be eaten together with meat and vegetables, and also whether they have any good effects on health」

Oh? They are making slightly interested faces.
How about one more push?

「Also, I’m thinking that they could not only be eaten but that they might possibly have other uses by processing them」

「I see, Elise…… you must have noticed something to think that way. Okaasama would be happy if you could teach me something noteworthy」

Noteworthy, huh…… there is, but what do I say……

「Yes. In the academy during a potion-making class, a certain plant ended in my hands, but quite a lot of time has passed before I noticed what it did. Moreover, it was my school friend who pointed it out…… you see, she said that part of my skin looked glossier……」

「My! Glossier, you say!」

Okaasama took the bait way too much-!
As I thought, it’s worth taking the bait of beauty (lol).

「Yes, glossier. Hence, I would like to try various things. Of course, that’s not all. I’ve heard this from rumors, but some suspicious plants seem to be going around recently…… I’m thinking it would be better to be knowledgeable rather than not knowing anything. Okaasama, please listen to my selfishness」

I lowered my head and sweetly appealed!

「Yeah, it would be better to be in the known. I have also heard about those rumors…… we might be able to take precautions……」

Okaasama seemed to be lost in thoughts and became silent.


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