My Engagement was Annulled (lol) – Chapter 9

The talk ends. And now, the night.


Okaasama stared at Otousama with some deliberation.
…… Oh no…… I feel like that somehow, the atmosphere isn’t that good.

「Both Father and Mother seem to have some thoughts, so why don’t we leave it for tomorrow? Thor, go to Father’s office later to get the money. Elise, it’s late already…… you should go to sleep soon」

Casval Oniisama, you are hiding something, aren’t you!
Oh well! I’m tired anyway, let’s go to sleep!

「Yes, I will excuse myself first then. Good night, Otousama, Okaasama, Casval Oniisama, Thor Oniisama」

Standing up, I gave my greetings and kisses on the cheeks in order.
This is like Europe or America!
I will do it, alright♪ Kissing my beautiful family is like from a movie♪

「Have a good rest」
「You had it difficult today, Elise. Sweet dreams」
「Elise, please be at ease. I’m also on Elise’s side, okay? Good night」
「Good night, Elise. We will be together the whole day tomorrow, won’t we? I’m looking forward to it」

Gee, doesn’t Otousama look a bit lonely?
Haah…… a smile towards Otousama!
………………… Alright! He looks happy! Let’s sleep!



Yes, yes, it’s the bedroom of my room.
I took a shortcut.

I also finished bathing and changing into a nightgown.
No service for you, alright!
……… Presently, I’m alone on top of my bed.
There are lots of pillows all around me.
By the way, they are not feather pillows.
Things like feather-stuffed pillows aren’t circulating around in this world yet.
Most of them are wool. They seem old in strange places.


「Stop fucking kidding me you shithead! Did you have to do it in front of so many people! On top of having a bad character, your head is bad too! Don’t think this will end with just this! In spite of being only a man with face!」

Yes, burying my head in the pillows, I shouted on top of my lungs.
While at it, I hit the pillows with all of my might!


Eh? …………… Why is there a hole in the pillow? In addition, my fist seems to have pierced the second pillow as well.
C…… c…… crap! My fists are no joke!


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