Occupation: Adventurer; Race: Various – Chapter 14

Mother’s anger


「We have arrived, dad」
「O, oou」

Rei and Ani currently stands in front of the door.
Two expressions that were cheerful a while ago, suddenly turned serious.
After Ani swallows his saliva, Rei opens his mouth.

「Well then, go apologize to mom with your whole body and soul」
「A, aa… I understand」
「Please don’t be so nervous.
You have the thing don’t you?」

Rei says while watching the paper bag in Ani’s hands.
Ani takes a last look at the thing and takes a deep breath.

「… Fuu, it will be okay」
「Is that so, then let’s enter this time」

Being prepared, Ani and Rei opened the door.

Rei and Ani entered the house and went straight towards Ari’s room.
Opening the door to the living room, Ari’s furious figure was standing there as expected.

「… Welcome back Rei, who is that person behind you?」

Rei faltered when Ari asked with a glare.
But Rei told Ari without sounding afraid.

「Th, that’s dad, I saw him so we went back together」

Seeing Ari’s ruthless look like she was looking at thrash, Ani’s face paled.
Rei pokes Ani at the angle that Ari couldn’t see.

「…… Ani, do you have something to say… ?」
「….. Please forgive meee!!!」

Ani lowers on the floor with his head on the floor.

This is the first step of the plan, DOGEZA.
I told dad to stay in this posture until mom calms down a little.
With this, mom’s anger will decreaseーー

「… Did you think that you would be forgiven by doing this?」

It had no effect!
It’s inevitable, it’s time for the second step, it’s my turn!

「Mom, in fact dad wasーー」
「Rei be quiet」

What, this also failed!?

After thinking so, Rei stares at Ani with aura that says to do the thing.

If, if that’s the case then it’s time for the final step!!

Rei takes out a small box from paper bag and puts it beside Ani.
Rei says while showing it to Ari.

「This is the present which dad bought for you」
「… And?」
「I don’t know what is inside, but I’m sure it’s something special」
「… So?」
「If he bought a gift, doesn’t that mean today is some special day or something?」
「…… That reminds me, today is supposed to be the wedding anniversary… I think」

Oh, nice coincidence!
This is a trump cardーー

「… But Ani never gave a wedding anniversary present before」

Oii!!! What a shock!?
Did you really buy this present for women hunting!!

Rei shouts at Ani in his mind.

「… Rei, did dad told you to say that?」
「No he did not」
「You were told to, weren’t you?」
「…… Yes, I was told」

Dad stares at me with shocked facial expression.
I mean, I mean…… Mom is ultra scary you know!

While thinking so Ari continued talking to Rei.

「… Then, return to the room and quietly wait… okay?」
「… I understand」
「Oi, Rei!!」

Ani tries desperately to stop Rei, but he runs out like a scaredy cat.

Sorry… Dad, it was impossible after all.

After returning to his room, he could hear screams from the first floor.


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