Occupation: Adventurer; Race: Various – Chapter 23

The peaceful days that pass


Since Lelia became Rei’s tutor, his life changed completely.

He wakes up early in the morning, eats breakfast and start his basic training with Lelia.

This is hell, I’m already running around the city for three hours.
And when this hell ends, next is the marial arts practice.
The martial arts are simpler, I observe Lelia-san and imitate her movements.
Sometimes Lelia-san gives me tips or points out my bad movements.
By the way, Lelia-san’s martial arts seems to have reached the true expert realm.

Observing and imitating such expert as Lelia-san, my martial arts seems to finally get a form.
After the morning practice, I eat the lunch with three people and practice again.

In the afternoon, the practice is a sparring with Lelia-san, I’m supposed to break her defense in three moves.
At the beginning, I thought this would be easy, but this person doesn’t know how to hold back.
Therefore, breaking her defense is nearly impossible.
However, if I don’t hit her three times a day, there is a penalty so every day I focus on my attacks like my life depended on it.

Then I’m made to run around the city three times.
Such hell-like days continued for one year.

But those days soon ceased, the reason for that is that my ability points increased. Namely my agility and strength went over 80 points, my HP has also increased.
Furthermore my Martial Arts are approximately half of Lelia’s level I saw a year ago.
I think this rapid growth is thanks to my 【Growth Assistance】skill.
Just from its name, you can guess that it will help with my status growth.

In the evening, Rei eats a dinner with three others and takes a bath.

The bathing in this world is different, I wipe my body with a wet towel rather than bathing.
It seems that taking a bath is a thing only nobility and royalty can do.
By the way, my family is of super common social position.

When I think that I want to take a bath, Mom always walk in nude and wipes my whole body.
My Mom’s nude body is really beautiful, a silky white skin, two small soft ーーー
Dad scowls at me in awful jealousy from behind the door while I’m admiring Mom’s nude body.
The reason I’m enduring this glare everytime I take a bath with Mom is…
Because inside I’m over 20, but I’m in a body of 5-year-old!! And I take a full advantage of this body!

When the bath is over, I brush my teeth, dive into my bed and sleep.

Days like these repeated and soon it’s time for Rei’s 10 year birthday.
Rei thought it would be nice if those days could continue, but fate wasn’t so kind.

On Rei’s 10th birthday ーー A strange day takes a place every 8 years, it’s a day of Crescent moon…


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