Occupation: Adventurer; Race: Various – Chapter 25



「That was dangerous… !」

Rei leaves Ari behind and turns towards Lelia.

What is this tragedy, Mom lost her arms and Dad is nowhere to be seen.
Instead there is Lelia with mad smile.
Is there something…

Rei looks at Lelia with Analytic Eyes.
A familiar screen appears.

【Lelia Garde (Personality: Maniac】

HP 1528/1827
MP 598/678

Strength: 320
Agility: 421
Dexterity: 122

Additional details available.

What the hell is this… This is too much cheat!
The Dexterity is lower, however the others stats skyrocketed in numbers…
…… Oh, why is HP and MP not full?
If it’s like that, let’s inspect the Maniac just in case.

Rei uses Analytic Eyes on Lelia’s【Maniac】skill.

Lowers the dexterity of the users, all remaining stats are raised instead.
A time limit exist, because HP and MP are consumed continually.
The consumption of HP and MP fluctuates.
When in use, the users personality changes. When transformed the users feels the need to kill.
Transformed user prefers to kill someone he/she is close to.
※ This skill activates only at the time of Crescent Moon.

Transformed users needs to kill oioi wait…
The person that she chooses to kill doesn’t have a chance to escape.

Mom is injured I will have to carry her and then look for Dad.

「How dare you hit meee」

Lelia stands while having a creepy unpleasant smile.

「Speaking of which, today there was a Crescent Moon since the morning…」
「That’s why I was out」
「I’m sorry, but could you return to your original personality?」

It would be nice if that workedー

「Impossible, I mean I haven’t killed enough yet」

I don’t know if I can win in Dragonewt form, but it’s the only thing I can do.
By the way, right now I’m in my Dragonewt form.
After hearing Mom’s scream, I carelessly jumped in the living room in Dragonewt form as precaution.

Overpowering Lelia-san with her current stats is probably impossible.
She really… Intends to kill me.

Rei takes a deep breath and transforms his legs and arm in dragon form.

「I honestly have no idea if I can win…」
「Then, let me kill you quietly.」
「I refuse, I won’t let you injure anyone anymore」
「Fufufufu fu interesting… Interestinggggg!!」

Lelia plunges at Rei while screaming.
Rei thought at that moment.

That reminds me today is my birthday… It’s the worst birthday ever.


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