Occupation: Adventurer; Race: Various – Chapter 26

Desperate struggle Part 1



Lelia promptly dodges charging Rei to the left.
As Rei charges at Lelia, because her Agility exceeds 400 it looks like she disappeared, she counter attacks.
Avoiding her attack is naturally next to impossible.
Lelia strikes five times, Rei barely dodges.

「Hey heeey, where did your enthusiasm run to?」
「Shit, you are worse than a monster!」

It’s difficult to fight in this narrow living room while protecting Mom.
I need to somehow get to the back yard.

「If we are to kill each other, let’s do it in the back yard!」

Rei urged Lelia to fight in back yard in order to avoid Ari getting hit by stray magic.
Lelia’s movement suddenly stopped.

「… Indeed, it’s impossible to fight at full power in here」
「Yeah, that’s right」

After hearing Rei, Lelia thought for a while, then she destroyed a window and appeared in the garden.

「I understand, quickly get here」
「Y, yeah」

Rei is surprised that Lelia accepted his request so quickly.
However, there was not enough distance between them for Rei to escape, Rei didn’t have a choice and went to the back yard.

「Good job not escaping」
「Even if I try to escape you would catch up anyway」

Lelia is a maniac with over 400 agility, she would catch up in a blink of an eye.
Looking at her speed, I can imagine being cut in half right away if I tried to escape.

「Clever, as a reward I will murder youuuu!!!」
「As if I would let myself get killed, I will excuse myself from dying」

Lelia shouts and charges towards Rei, instead of dodging Rei takes a stance.
Lelia charges recklessly without noticing his actions.
And then Lelia attacks Rei’s body ーー

「It’s not good to be stingy!!」

Instead of Rei being blown off, it’s Lelia that was knocked down to the ground.
Not being able to understand what just happened, Lelia quickly up and speaks.

「What did you do」
「Nothing. It’s just the mere difference in our ability」

Rei says so while plunging towards Lelia.

Now, it’s time to get serious


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