Occupation: Adventurer; Race: Various – Chapter 28

Desperate Struggle Conclusion


「So amusing」
「【I will now liberate thee from the madness】」

After the exchange of words, they engage in a fight.
Immediately after that, the two rush at each other so fast as if disappearing.
However, Lelia is slightly faster, she classifies it with a kick to Rei’s abdomen.

「First, I will disable your movements!」

Lelia kicked Rei’s abdomen with her full power! However, at the impact the kick made a metallic sound and was repelled.
Lelia shows a surprised expression, she tried kicking again with her left leg, but her leg got caught and was easily stopped.

「【It is impossible to break my dragon scales with thy kick!】」

Rei shouts and strengthens the grip on Lelia’s left leg.

「Wha, what are you do」

Before Lelia finished her sentence, Rei furthers strengthens the grip on Lelia’s leg.
An audible cracking noise can be heard from Lelia’s leg.


Rei hurls Lelia high in the air then wings with wingspan of about 10m grows on his back and he flies in the sky.
Flying in the sky, he faces Lelia and said a few words while infusing magic.

「【I will offer thee to Erebos】」
「Gaga… gaaaa!!」

A shining bluish light charged with heat gradually escapes from Rei’s mouth.
Lelia’s instincts told her to quickly escape from this light, but she was still airborne.
Before she was able to hit the ground the bluish substance flew from Rei’s mouth in straight line towards Lelia.

「【Roar of the Blue Flame – Blue Breath】」

The blue flame shot towards Lelia and started reducing her to nothingness.


Rei looks at Lelia who is screaming in agony with look of pity.

「【Pitiful one, let my flames burn thee to the ashes】」

While murmuring, Rei gently lands on the ground and closes his eyes.
Then, the transformed dragon body gradually fades away.
When the dragon parts disappear, Rei opens his eyes slowly.

「…… What happened?」

Rei asks when he sees the empty back yard.
The reply came inside of Rei’s head.

【I roasted the enemy with my roar and erased it】

「Apart from the roar, I’d like to ask something else」

【Ask away】

「I’d like an explanation of who you are」

【I will explain, but is there not something more important for thee to do?】

The voice reminds Rei of Ari and he quickly turns towards the living room.

「I will hear your explanation later!」

And so Rei run to Ari’s side.


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