Occupation: Adventurer; Race: Various – Chapter 29



Rei returned to the bloody living room and rushed to Ari’s side.

「Mom! Mom!!」

Rei was desperately calling for Ari, however her body was wet from the large quantity of blood, she was unconscious.

「Please don’t die!!」

Rei shakes Ari, trying to return her consciousness, however his face quickly turns to that of irritation.

This is bad, if Mom is not healed immediately she will die.
Hospital or Church… That won’t work, they are too far.
Should I try requesting in the guild?
That’s not possible, high recovery magic must be used on such injury, I don’t think adventurers of such rank would willingly help.

「Shit… What should I do……」

With shaking hands, Rei looks at the blood coming out of Ari and desperately tries to come up with a plan.
However, he can’t come up with anything and a time quickly passes.
When Ari’s life is on the verge of disappearing, Rei hears the voice of the dragon in his mind.

【Lend me your body one more time, my other self】

「What are you saying?」

【I am saying that I will heal thy mother’s wounds】


【I will use the dragon magic that has been passed unto me by thine ancestors】

Hearing this, Rei wonders about this so-called dragon magic.
The dragon voice says with heaviness in its voice.

【Don’t worry】

Hearing the intimidating yet confident answer, Rei returns the answer.

「Aah, I understand… But stop taking over my consciousness」


This time, Rei gave the dragon control of his body, while keeping his consciousness awake.
Now swapped, the dragon removes Ari’s clothes.

『What the hell are you doing!』

「【Don’t shout, my magic won’t work unless I directly touch the skin】」

『Ah… Is that so, sorry』

「【You don’t need to think about it】」

When Rei says so, the dragon closes its eyes and starts chanting the spell.

「【I am a dragon, the strongest and the noblest of all.
With the strength of my powerful magic, close this person’s wounds.
Eat my magic and in turn heal the targeted person with the lost ancient magic《Dragon Saint’s Healing – Dragon Heal》】

Light blue light emitted from Rei’s hand and it faded inside of Ari’s body.
Both arms that were lost and massively bleeding, started regenerating.
Rei who handed the control of the body to the dragon, states with admiration.

『This is a dragon magic…!』

「【… I apologize, not enough magic power, I am switching out】」

Rei is suddenly pulled up, regaining the control of his body.
Regaining control of his body, he quickly takes off his hand from Ari’s stomach.
He turns his back from Ari’s body pretending that he didn’t see anything and yells.

「Oi, that was too sudden!」

【Sorry, because I spent a lot of magic power, the sleepiness has attacked me】

「Sleepiness attacked you?… When will I hear your explanation?」

【When my magic power restores, I will call out to you】

「That will be when?」

【Approximately two years】

「So long!」

【Then, let’s meet agai―――n】

That was the last thing Rei heard from the dragon.
Rei looked at Ari with troubled expression and decided to return to his original look.

「Haa… Something smells nasty」

He taps the screen, closes his eyes and changes from dragonewt to human.
His body is enveloped into a light and soon he changes back to human, he opens his eyes.

「I’d like to prevent such dazzling light next time」

Rei with such carefree thoughts looked back towards Ari.
There he saw Ari looking at him with a look of surprise.

「…… Did you see?」
「…… Un」

With the subtle sound of silence, Rei sighed in his heart.

Well…… How should I explain this?


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