Occupation: Adventurer; Race: Various – Chapter 30

Coming out 


「――――――Lelia-san killed Ani after all…!」

On the second floor in Rei’s room, Rei stares at angry Ari.

Because my transformation from dragonewt to human was seen by Mom, I just finished explaining about my skill unwillingly.
In addition, I explained about the guy that cured Mom’s injury and about the fight with Lelia-san.

「Forgive me, because teacher unusually overslept, I thought about going to the city for a while, it was my mistake…」
「… It can’t be helped. By the way Rei, how are you aware of your skills?」

It’s natural for Rei to hear this question, because on the appraisal day, he told them that he doesn’t know them.
However, saying: it’s natural that I have cheats, because I’m from different world! I can’t say that.
After a while, Ari’s gaze was not bearable anymore and he frantically tried to hold it in, but Ari’s gaze got colder and colder.

「Say it」
「No desu」
「Because even if I told you, you wouldn’t believe it」

If I tell her that I have memories of my former life, she will just think there is something wrong with me head.
Let’s go in the direction that doesn’t reveal too much.

「Absolutely, believe」
「Is there any proof?」
「The bond between the parent and child is the proof」

The bond between the parent and child… huh.
If someone told me this on Earth, I would think they are trolling me! Though I say that, this is a different world~
What should I do?…

「Please… As a family member, as mother I want to be aware of my son’s circumstances」

Ari steps closer to Rei.
If she steps a little closer, it would look like she’s glued to Rei’s body.
Rei is troubled and doesn’t say anything, Ari looks like she will burst in tears any moment.

There’s no other way than to say it huh.
If I don’t say it now, a rift will form in our relationship.

「… I understand, I will say it however if you won’t believe me, I will get mad」
「… Un, I will definitely believe you」

Is that the truth?…

「Then here it goes, in truth I am…」
「It’s too early for you to say that」

That was deliberate, I swear!
I mean, for Mom to crack a joke…

「… Just a joke」
「I know」

I mean, if it wasn’t a joke I would be troubled.

「Waa~ … Then, I will say it once again so please listen carefully okay?」
「In fact, even before I was born… In other words, I have memories of my previous life」
「That much… is in acceptable range」
「Furthermore, those memories from my previous life are on a totally different world」
「…… Still okay… I think」

Liar, it’s obvious from your expression that you are surprised.
Well, she’s only surprised, normally you would think that to be absurd.

「Do you need some time to absorb that?」
「… Un, just a little」

Though Ari understood what Rei said, she needed some time to take it in.


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