Occupation: Adventurer; Race: Various – Chapter 31



While Ari is trying to understand what Rei just told her a while ago, Rei is thinking about the future.

Personally, I want to leave this district and look around the world, however what should I do about Mom?…
I want to go out to make a harem and test my swordsmanship.
Ah, thanks to the harem I remembered Dad and went back to the living room, I see Dad’s severed head buried amongst the wreckage, I calmly close my eyes and pray silently.

Dad… I protected Mom.

I buried Dad’s remains in the back yard and said my farewell.
I will tell Mom later.

I’m not sad, because Dad is still living inside of my heart!!
… Probably.
I return to the second floor while thinking such things.

… The story went a little off track, I must choose between becoming an adventurer or staying at home together with Mom.
You can become an adventurer at 10 years old, the reasoning behind that is that the Demon King was defeated by a summoned hero who was a 10 years old girl who could use magic without chanting, in order for her to enter the guild, the rules have been altered.
Apparently the summoned hero was an adventurer for 2-3 years before setting off to defeat the Demon King.

In other words, it was to gain combat experience.

I would like to meet the hero once, but the hero summoning was around 200 years ago.
By the way, the reason I’d like to meet the hero is because the hero is summoned from a different world.
According to the books I read in the library, the world a hero is summoned from has a different time axis.
Furthermore, the hero apparently was a black-haired, black-eyed with an item called smart phone.
Because of the smart phone, that person was definitely from Earth, with a raven-black hair and black eyes the possibility of being japanese is high.

But after the hero defeated the Demon King, she immediately returned back to her original world, therefore meeting her is impossible.
If Demon King revives and the same hero is summoned, the story would be different.

Well, returning back to Earth now is almost meaningless, I just wanted to meet a Japanese once again, but oh well.

The choice I want the most now is to travel across the world leisurely.
And the other choice is to stay at home with Mom, but…

While thinking such, Ari spoke up.

「… Even if Rei has memories from previous life, we are still a family」
「That’s for granted」

The two of them became silent again after speaking.
After the atmosphere softens a little, Rei speaks up.

「Rei… Do you want to stay with me?」

However, Ari cuts Rei from speaking.

Rei is puzzled by Ari’s words, but he immediately answers.

「I want to stay with you… But the feelings to see this world are there」

The feelings to stay with Mom, the feelings to travel, Rei is troubled and can’t choose.

I want to stay with Mom… But I also want to go on an adventure…
I definitely don’t have a mother complex!

「I see…」
「Does Mom want to stay with me?」
「… I want to be with you, but since Ani died, I have to work」
「I understand that, but would you like to stay with me while including that?」

Ari looks down and stays quiet for a while.
Rei approaches Ari and says in loud voice.

「What is it!」
「… I want us to be together but it’s impossible」

Hearing that, Rei stands up straight.

「… I understand, I will rest for today and leave tomorrow」

Ari murmurs to Rei who is sorrowfuly walking towards the door.

「… I’m sorry…」

Rei pretended not to hear and closed the door behind him.

Rei descends back to the first floor.

「Well… Let’s clean up before leaving」

Rei says and goes to get the dustcloth and a broom.

I think Mom said that out of consideration for me.
She now has to do a work she’s not used to and she would need to take care of me everyday.
I can’t blame her.

Rei returned to the living room and began cleaning without thinking about anything.


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