Raising Slaves – Chapter 2

Buying a Slave


That reminds me, can I look at my status?

On my way out of the castle, and while I was walking towards the adventurer’s guild, I suddenly became concerned about my status and opened my status screen.

Name: Maika Lv1000

MP: 1000
STR: 1000
VIT: 1000
AGI: 1000
INT: 1000
DEX: 1000

[Skills] Dual Wielding Lv100
Detection Lv100
Katana Lv100
Action Limit Release Lv100
Grapple Lv100
Coercion Lv100
Avoidance Lv100
Automatic Recovery Lv100
Abnormal State Immunity Lv100
Growth Lv100
What is this cheat, am I crazy?

I tear my hair out unintentionally.
It’s good that I lost almost no HP when pulling my hair out. In the game, if you were stabbed in the heart, as long as you had a little bit of HP left it was still possible to survive. Since this world isn’t a game, it probably means that I would die instead.
For me, who wanted a life-or-death fight, I would be happy.
However, without doing anything I became Lv 1000. What is with this stupid status.

Win or lose, a last-minute battle was what I was looking forward to, but it seems I can’t enjoy it here.
I close the status screen in low spirits.
What am I going to do? For the time being, let’s register at the adventurer’s guild. Even a life as an adventurer seems boring now. I at least wanted an ordinary life…

I walk down the street while thinking such things, and I happen to hear the word “slave” from somewhere. I’ve got an idea.
Let’s buy a slave.
A classic of the fantasy world, slaves. I will raise a slave and make it strong. At least this way I can kill some time.
Fortunately I have the money I got from the King. Let’s use it all at once.

「Welcome young lady」

An old man with a cane welcomed me into the store.
His face looks so wrinkled that he could die at any moment, but his eyes are sharp, and an average person wouldn’t be able to help but fear him. I may have to fight a little.

「I’d like to buy a slave with this」

After saying so, I hand him a large bag filled with the money I received from the King.
I phrase it like this, not because I’m scared of this Ojii-san, but because I hardly talk to people, and when I’m not used to someone my words end up like this.

「What kind of slave are you looking for?」

What to do, adult men are too difficult to handle, but a woman of the same age would probably be difficult to handle as well.
A younger girl or boy would do, but because I only know how to take care of myself, let’s make it a girl.

「Of course, please wait a moment in this room」

That being said, I wait for a few minutes, and the merchant Ojii-san returns with two girls that look around 12 years old.
According to him, they are elven twins.
Tension rose between the elves.
The one currently staring at me, with long golden hair, is Sara. Hiding behind her is the nervous younger sister, Mira. Both elven twins are good-looking. Very different from my ordinary face.

「What do you think? Do they look good to you?」
「I’ll buy them」

I answer Ojii-san. I had already decided to buy these twins the moment I saw them.
I sign the documents, and finish a contract of master and slave.
At that time, a tattoo was put on the back of my hand, and it was quite painful.
When the master and slave contract is finished, the master can look at the slave’s status.
It’s surprising that the concept of status is in this world.
Immediately, I take a look at the statuses of the twins.

Sara Lv3 Talent 9

– Magic <Fire> Lv2
– Magic <Wind> Lv2
– Magic <Water> Lv1

Mira Lv1 Talent 9

– Magic <Light> Lv1
– Cooking Lv1

It’s quite different from my status.
This is probably a common status screen for this world.
Then, is there a chance that this is the future world of IDO?
Well, it doesn’t matter.
By the way, what is talent?

「Talent ranges from 1-10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 the highest. Having a higher rank means you will become even stronger when you level up. It also allows you to learn more skills.」

Merchant Ojii-san starts to explain, after the word leaked from my mouth.
Judging from the description by Ojii-san, these two may become quite strong in the future.
It may have been a good buy.

「We look forward to your next visit」

I receive change from Ojii-san, and leave the shop, taking the two slaves with me.
Okay, now what to do. The price of the slaves was higher than I expected, and I hardly have any money left.
I don’t know the prices of this world yet, but this is probably enough to stay at an inn.
My bad habit of not thinking about the consequences has appeared.
Let’s be careful, if possible, from now on.
…Although I’m always thinking so, I never learn.

Now, let’s go to the adventurer’s guild like I had originally planned.
By the way, can you register slaves at the guild?

Well, we’ll see how it goes.


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