Reincarnated Princess – Chapter 0


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Where is this?
Oneself was in a pure white space. There is nothing, when examining oneself, instead of a body there’s just a floating feeling.

-You have done it-

Oneself hears someone’s voice. Oneself turns towards the source of the voice, but nobody is there. There’s only a space that expands infinitely.
Was it just oneself’s imagination?


Oneself tries to ask back.

-I’m nobody, moreover do you know who you are? Do you remember anything?-

Oneself shakes head, which reminds oneself, oneself doesn’t have a head. Is oneself a Soul-like existence?

「I(boku) don’t remember anything? I(watashi)? Who is oneself?」

-Fumu, so it is a success. Well, to put it simply, you died-

Eh? Oneself died? Why? Rather, oneself doesn’t remember anything at all.

-Ah, your memory was already erased so don’t bother trying-

「Why did you erase oneself’s memory? Who are you?」

Oneself doesn’t understand. Who is oneself, not only oneself’s name, but oneself’s gender, oneself’s family, oneself’s friends, oneself’s circumstances一Nothing at all. The things that make oneself are not there.

-You have disturbed your fate. Originally, you were supposed to die far in the future, you were supposed to be cared for by your family members and die peacefully. But you have died at the age of 18-

Oneself has died at the age of 18.

「Did oneself do something bad?」

-It wasn’t anything bad, you have helped a little girl who was about to be run over by a car and died instead. Originally, that girl was supposed to die there. Well, be at peace.
The future that was supposed to be yours was given to that little girl. She will grow up, marry and have children, her children and grandchildren will care for her until the day she dies-

Oh, is that so. Oneself didn’t do anything bad, oneself helped someone.

「That’s good」

-Well, you may find it good, but over here we are pretty busy. But I found you who changed your fate disappearing just like that pitiful-

This person? Oneself wonders what it is. Oneself doesn’t have eyes, the surroundings are white, oneself doesn’t understand what or who this person is. In the first place, oneself doesn’t understand because the situation is abnormal.

「Who are you?」

Therefore, oneself honestly asked.

-I told you before. I’m nothing. We are… No, it’s only me now, there is nothing that can define me. Though I had many friends in the past, we are unclear existence. Humans gave us many names. For example Gods or Demons.

「Are you a demon?」

-That is something you humans came up with and forced on us.
In this『world』there are no such beings as gods and demons. Because we are involved in creation and maintenance of this world I know that well. In this『world』there are no other beings than humans, magic also doesn’t exist there. And afterlife also doesn’t exist, but sometimes I intervene in this way-

So that’s how it is. But isn’t he a person of high caliber? Oneself can’t tell, because oneself isn’t involved in creating worlds.

「What will happen to oneself?」

Oneself will put the things oneself doesn’t understand aside for now. The talk won’t advance otherwise.

-Ah, that’s right. I called you for that reason. Well, I will have you reincarnate.
This world is impossible, originally this world doesn’t have a reincarnation in the system, because I don’t know if any malfunctions would happen I can’t let you reincarnate in the same world, therefore I will send to an another world-

「Is it okay? Even if I broke the rules」

It seems to be oneself’s fault for disturbing the fate because oneself doesn’t remember anything, there are no regrets. Is it okay for oneself to interfere with the law of nature? Shouldn’t normally my soul just extinguish? Because oneself doesn’t have any memories, oneself wouldn’t regret.

-I don’t mind. The world where you will go is not under my Divine protection-

Divine protection? Didn’t this person said, that humans define them as gods? If such existence doesn’t provide divine protection won’t the world die?

-Well, because I can read your mind I can tell you that the world won’t die. Well, there is a possibility that the world will collapse by itself, but I did various things to prevent that. But I can’t do it anymore, though-

「Did something happen?」

Slightly lonely emotions transmitted to oneself.

-No, inhabitants of that world became independent. To the degree that my existence is not needed anymore. Therefore, there is not anything I can do for that world anymore.
If I think about it, you are the last person I will help. Anyway, it’s the world that will live even without my help.
We manage the world and promote the growth. And if it becomes independent, we make a new one. In that way, we travel around the universe. That world doesn’t need me to live anymore and will think of itself-

「Then, why do you look so lonely?」

The feelings of loneliness are transmitting to oneself for a while now, it’s making oneself lonely too…

-That’s because I like this world. It is related to the request I have for you. I want you to change the world I made-

Change the world. Even though you made it?

「Won’t it be better for you to save it yourself?」

Oneself probably hasn’t enough strength to do that. That is a place oneself doesn’t know, oneself could die at any time.

-I can’t affect the world directly. If I did something, the world may get ruined. That world is trapped in the law of nature-

Uun. I don’t understand clearly but this person? although he can create a world, he can’t intervene. But you did so much for oneself’s world…

-I love the people, but I my job is to create worlds. Though I intervened with your world it was on the boundaries. Therefore, I can’t intervene anymore-

Well, if oneself can live once again, it may be good to listen to his request. There is no reason to decline, it’s not a bad deal if oneself can live again.

「Alright, but oneself will probably not be able to do it if it’s too difficult」

Oneself doesn’t have the necessary power. When oneself said that, that person? laughed.

-Thank you. It’s not a difficult thing. It’s okay if you just live in that world. Although it’s necessary to erase your memory, I will leave you with the knowledge. Also, the world where you will go is still young. Ah well, the planet is way older than the Earth, though. If possible I want you to rescue the race I made, but I won’t get angry even if you remove everyone but yourself. Live honest to yourself. That will save the world-


-Well, it’s the so-called world of magic. I have created numerous races, but for some reason humans… Ah, they are called normal people over there. Those people resent the other races and are trying to remove them. You will be born as a human. Because your soul is that of a human being you can’t reincarnate as another race, if I force you to reincarnate as another race, your knowledge will disappear-

It’s an interesting world, but it won’t probably be safe. But to become another race, will make oneself lose all knowledge and make oneself a totally different person!

「Oneself won’t look down on them. Oneself would rather become friends with them!!」

-It’s unbearable to ask someone who lost life after saving another, but please do your best.
Though the birth is random, my divine protection will surely help you-

After that person? said this, his presence disappeared. And oneself’s consciousness was cut off.

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