Reincarnated Princess – Chapter 1



When oneself’s eyes opened an unknown woman and Oji-san were before oneself.

「Au, auu」

It seems that oneself cannot talk desu ne. There is no helping it since oneself is a baby.

「Could something be wrong because she doesn’t cry?」

The woman in front of oneself’s eyes seems to be worried about something, most likely about oneself because oneself does not cry. More precisely, oneself is feeling sick because oneself cannot move oneself’s neck. It is no wonder that oneself cannot cry.

「…… Fumu, I will check」

The Oji-san extends his hand towards oneself and a light comes out from his palm. It is not too bright, but because it came out of nowhere it surprises oneself desu.


Something scary, this is scary, oneself does not like it!!


Oneself heard a sound that resembled something splitting open. Then, the Oji-san and the woman looked surprised. There were six spheres floating around oneself. These spheres were red, blue, yellow, green, white, black and little feathers grew from them.

-Are you okay?-


What? Oneself feels that these children are not bad children. For some reason, they seem warm.

「Foltse…… What is this?」

The woman looks at the spheres? and starts reciting something. Oneself feels something scary coming, just like from Oji-san a while ago, Oneself closes eyes in fear again.


「Tsu! Just what is this?」

「Stop it, it seems that these spheres are spirits. Making a move against them will be disrespectful」

Spirit-sama? What is that oneself wonders? But these children are somewhat warm. They are fluffily floating around oneself and have been talking to oneself since a while ago.

-With us here, everything will be okay-

「Why would so many Spirits manifest before us I wonder?」

「They most likely manifested in order to bless Hime-sama. Is it possible that they sensed Princess being frightened by the magic and came to help?」

That is right, oneself was really surprised the first time. Because oneself was not aware magic existed, it was really scary desu. But it seems that these children came to the rescue desu ne…… N? Hime-sama? Oneself looks around, but oneself doesn’t see anyone. Oneself understands that the woman before oneself is a queen, she does not have a Hime-sama feel. Then, considering the circumstances is it oneself? After touching oneself’s body, oneself is definitely a girl desu ne. Then let’s go with watashi. Continuing calling myself oneself would be uncomfortable.

「This child has just been born you know. There is no way she could perceive magic…」

Magic? Was that the uncomfortable feeling from a while ago? I try to tilt my head, but because I am a baby I cannot move it well yet. For now, let’s look at the woman and Oji-san. The woman has silver hair and blue eyes, she is a really lovely Onee-san, her bust is… Pretty big desu ne. Oji-san’s brown hair is mixed with gray and his eyes are the same brown color desu. He wears some thick clothes, but I can tell that he has some considerable muscles.

「!! Ouhi-sama, Hime-sama’s eyes is…」 (Shin: Ouhi = Queen)

「This is…」

N? Is there something in my eye? Is there a mirror somewhere? I cannot see it myself. Also, the field of vision is kind of strange too.

「…… Spirits Divine protection「The Eye Mark」why is it there…」

「First of all, I will check for abnormalities within Hime-sama’s body… Hime-sama, I do not wish to hurt you. I will only check whether you are healthy」

Was that magic? something like medical examination magic? Then, it may be okay. Spirit-san? Please forgive me, it seems I have misunderstood desu.

-OK, then we are going to take a nap-

Aside from the white Spirit-san?’s light other’s light becomes thinner. They are weak, but I can still see them. But it seems that they are resting. I feel like the link between us has weakened or more precisely became dormant or something like that.

「Fumu, it seems that there are no problems. She is also a very clever child」


「Yes. I may be wrong, but it seems that she more or less understands the current situation. Most of the Spirit-samas have also disappeared. I think that Hime-sama understood that she is in no danger」

That is so, I understand you know. I am not your ordinary baby! It is just that I have no knowledge of magic so I was just a little surprised.

「Then, I will inform His Majesty about the safe birth and about the Eye Mark」

After Oji-san said so, he left the room first… Hey, wait a minute! His Majesty? That is how you normally call a king right? Why report… The Eye Mark is probably unusual. That must be it. Although I cannot see the mark myself. However, is not this room a little too large? Around 20 tatamis? My last room must have been around 6 tatamis?

「I am your Okaa-san, it is nice to finally meet you, Alice」

Slightly surprised Okaa-sama? seems to have revived. Munimuni, she fiddles with my hand, then she tickles my cheeks, but because I am a baby I don’t have the strength to resist… Gununu.
However, mother’s warm is so pleasant. This is common knowledge throughout all worlds.

However, to be a Hime-sama in this life. It is my personal opinion, but I have probably been a commoner in my former life. I do not feel inclined to live in such a luxurious room. Which reminds me, that Oji-san called me Hime-sama, that means that my parent’s house must be in a quite high position … But, could you change it? I do not dislike this Okaa-sama. Rather, being held in her arms is very relaxing and it makes me feel very happy, but I was most likely a commoner before. I do not think I can live the aristocratic life.

Knock, knock「Sylvia, may I come in?」「Come in」

N? When I thought someone will come in, the door is suddenly smashed to pieces and that person rushes over here!!

「This is the tenth time. Please stop destroying my doors all the time 」

「No problem, I will replace them later」

Apparently, a criminal has come in. However, what a rough dandy person desu ne, he seems to be in his prime. He seems to be a little older than Okaa-sama? He enthusiastically shows off his muscles!!


I wanted to say hello first, but he approached me at super high-speed. He missed because Okaa-sama saved me by moving me to the opposite side. The mysterious dandy is depressed. Is he my Otou-sama by any chance?
They are talking about the Spirits, but because it is the same talk from before I am not too interested.
And then, all of sudden, Otou-sama released something!! That surprised me. I almost made an emergency call for the resting Spirit-sans.

「Are they really hiding around Alicetia?」

「Maybe the rest of them just don’t want to be seen」

That is right. These children have been drowsily drifting around me since a while ago. Though I do not understand, he probably used some perception magic to see the Spirits. I would like you to stop surprising me.

「I won’t let anyone steal my Alicetia nor will I let her become a tool, we will protect her」

It seems that I somehow approached a dangerous flag. To be in a life threatening position few moments after birth… Does this flag have some cooling-off by any chance?
Moreover, this flag seems to be set about 500 years ago. Are the enemies after my eye? Or rather, Okaa-sama. Are you not bothered by the Spirit-san’s playing on your head? The serious conversation is becoming pretty surreal.
It seems that the Spirit’s day looks like this, sleep, wake up, play and repeat.

「However, Alicetia’s expression doesn’t change at all」

Rude! Although my appearances are that of a baby, my contents are unknown… Yeah, it is nothing. I mean, I am positive that I do not cry because of my mental age. My expression wasere probably always like this desu. Still, I am quite enjoying myself you know? Because this is my new life desu.

「Yoshi Alicetia, I’m your papa da zo. I’m the king da zo, don’t worry I won’t let any evil approaaaaa」

For some reason, in the middle of the sentence Okaa-sama dealt him a mighty stomach blow. I have some bad premonition desu.
It seems I really am Ojou-sama. I am not too happy about it. For example, if I was born in the forest as an elf I could lead a peaceful life. Ah well, there is no helping it. Since I have promised That person? I will live with all my might.


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