Reincarnated Princess – Chapter 2

Pervert Attack and Spirit Magic


It seems my parents are discussing something. Sometimes my Otou-sama receives a blow to the stomach. You are a king, right? Do you not have any dignity? I’m starting to think so.

「At least Anbu would be needed. The fellows from the church will definitely come to steal her」

「It can’t be helped but… It’s too early to think about eliminating  men that approach her!!」

Apparently they are worried about the future? When a daughter brings home her boyfriend it’s probably a sad thing for a father, but it won’t certainly happen a year after being born. Isn’t it too early to think about this?

「It’s also to suppress that idiot Gill…」

It seems Otou-sama suddenly got tired, even though he was full of energy a little while ago.

「Why did that child turn out like that I wonder……」

Someone suddenly appeared just as the two were sighing!!

「Chichiue, Hahaue! How long will you make me wait? I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I let myself in」

Oo young ikemen discovered! My heart is not excited for some reason. I wonder why? I want to attack that child when I look at him.

「Gill, you forgot to knock」

Surely he forgot to knock, but the door is smashed to pieces. Okaa-sama, the macho criminal is sitting next to you. Because there is no sign of remorse in his eyes, they will be destroyed again!

「Excuse me Hahaue, I didn’t knock because the door is missing……Oo!! So this child is my imouto desu ne!! Beyond angelic. How about you become my bride in the future……」

Aah my new Okaa-sama, I’m being proposed to the first day after the birth.
During the last part of his sentence, Otou-sama rendered him unconscious with one blow and dragged him off somewhere. It seems I am somehow able to distinguish a dangerous person. How about you bury that boy on the occasion?! He’s definitely hentai! He’s a lolicon you know, an enemy of all woman you know, he must be buried at all cost. The victims of his uselessly good looking face will increase.

「I’m sorry Alice-chan about that boy… He is your Onii-chan Gilbert. Don’t make such an unpleasant face. You really understand huh…」

I’m sorry that my thoughts were reflected on my face. Yes, I dislike that brother. I mean, he’s a hentai who proposed to a little girl. No sankyu desu.
Moreover, Okaa-sama hesitated about introducing my own older brother to me. That child must be a terrible troublemaker! Let’s replace him by all means. He should be sent to a brainwashing detention camp in order to correct his character. The victims of his uselessly handsome face will only increase.

「Why he became like that I wonder~ Everything else is regrettably perfect…」

Regrettably perfect… it would be hard to replace him huh. It is a mystery why he proposed to me on our first meeting, but let’s not get anywhere near him once I grow up.

「Fuu, it finally became quiet」

Many thanks, Otou-sama. You look somehow worn out. Did you fight a fierce battle? Okaa-sama tucks her pointlessly meaty upper half in a dress before some women… it seems Okaa-sama doesn’t mind at all.

「Thank you for your help」

Okaa-sama said with a forced smile.

「It’s almost the time. After I change, I have to appear on the balcony, make sure Alicetia is clothed properly so she doesn’t catch a cold」

N? Speaking of a balcony, is it an announcement I wonder? Something Lion King-ish? That is definitely scary, I will wet myself. The balcony is on the second floor… still scary.

Yes, it’s high. Extremely high. My prided expressionless face is crumbling.
However, this kingdom is a paradise desu ne. They even have mofumofu beastmen-san’s. I knew about this, but this is not a human-only world after all. It seems that this kingdom doesn’t have any prejudice against other races.
I mean, the beastmen seem like they are having fun. Although I was told that this world’s society suffers from discrimination.

「Everybody!! This is my daughter, Alicetia」


Although I was surprised, I watched the scene before me. What a thing, fireworks exist in this world. It’s my first time? seeing such fireworks, they are beautiful. What makes me curious is that they are shooting them from their hands. Magic? While wondering I look towards Otou-sama.

「Wawawa I can do it too… Oraora~」

Oo a rapid fire. Amazing, I want to try it too~ I admire you~

「Your sparkling eyes are so cute. Look, I can also change the shape」

Amazing. As expected of Otou-sama. A favorable impression of you is skyrocketing. Me too, tei! As expected nothing comes out when I shake my hand. Nuu… so unfair, I want to do it too! Me tooo~o.

「It’s still too early for Alicetia」

I feel offended so tei! My hands burnt while I kept waving them!


「Oi! I will put it out right away so calm down」

I wave my hands but it doesn’t disappear. Rather, it’s not hot at all. Is this magic I wonder? It was scary at first, but this is【Not scary】isn’t it?
Then, before I became aware, the white spirit became transparent and a red child materialized instead. If my deduction is right, then this child should have started it. Don’t you have something I may be able to control, for example, something similar to Otou-sama’s chant?

「It doesn’t vanish?! Spirit-sama’s work?… Doesn’t seem to be burnt」

Otou-sama sprinkled some water on my hands, but the fire doesn’t seem to disappear.
All of sudden, I knew how to use this power. Suddenly, diverse information poured into my head, giving me a headache.

―Information link complete. Hello, how are you? I had a hard time looking for you. I didn’t know where or to whom you were supposed to born you see.

That person?-like one is before my eyes. In front of my eyes… In other words, in the air. I understood for the first time that, this person? wasn’t a human being.

―You are cruel… It’s something even you will be able to do eventually. At the moment your magic power is small so you will fall down immediately. By the way, how do you feel about this world? Ahh, because nothing will come out if you talk with your mouth, I will read your mind.

「(No matter what I say, it has been only one day since I was born. Ask me again after a few days)」

―Huh? Didn’t around five years pass?

It appears that this person?’s sense of time is out of order. If a 5-year-old child has the appearances of a baby, it probably suffers from some kind of illness you know? However, because I’m in front of Otou-sama and the other’s I endure the unnatural sigh.

―N~ I don’t think you need to mind. No one but us is moving you know? The only being moving in the whole world is us. If I say that I stopped the time would you understand better?

Yes? Stopped the time? I check my surroundings, but nobody moves. Otou-sama is frozen in place while holding me. Because I want to scribble graffiti on his face I turn towards that person?

―I’m happy that you understand. It would be troublesome if you started panicking. Well then, let’s move to the issue of my request.

「(Request, you mean about the races?)」

―That so. I’m very happy that you didn’t forget, but don’t worry, I don’t have any intention to force you. But you see, I had a slight miscalculation. Therefore, I came to meet you.

「(You miscalculated even though you are『Wait』」

―Stop calling me God or I will really become one… Let’s see, I have a name, but it’s not possible for humans to express it in words… Call me Teth. Don’t call me God or Demon in any circumstances. Because I’m at risk by coming to meet you.

Come to think of it that p… Teth-san seems to be a conceptual existence. If he is discovered, he will be judged by the other persons.

―The request. I have come to tell you that you are in an imminent danger. The compensation is cheats.

「(Is cheat supposed to be that intoxicating power?)」

―I can’t tell you much, but I was the one who engraved the mark into your eye. I thought it may help you in your new life, but apparently I have taken my eyes off from this world for 500 years. It seems a lot has changed. For example, the church… Though I was the one who created the church in the old days, their standards have fallen to rotten levels. Although I originally made this world with foundations of helping each other, but… Well, although the religion will make a mistake in any world, I can’t accept my beloved children getting hurt even further.

So you had children! That is surprising. Because his appearances are that of a child, his face is blurred, is eye color is neglected, I can’t even tell the color of his hair.

―You are at the point of being my child too, though. I’m the whole world’s parent. Every child born in this world is my child. You see, the church is gathering children with a Mark like yours. That is not a good thing in any way. Therefore, I came to teach you. To be careful. And power… In other words, how to use the Spirit power that resides within your eye. Because I can only teach you the fundamentals, the rest is up to you. Everything will be okay since the Eye Mark itself is considered a cheat power in this world. I have high expectations of you. The way you used to live, it’s not possible to live like that in this world. Depending on the situation, you may possibly hold a grudge against me. However, I want to change this world. I called you here for that reason.

Somehow the scale got larger, but I understand.
1, The church is gathering people that are connected with Spirits. I was not told the reason.
2, In order to oppose against 1, I received a power and fundamental knowledge.
3, There is a possibility that I will bear a grudge against Teth.

The probability of 3 is pretty high. Otherwise, Teth wouldn’t appear before me. Teth can’t interfere with this world’s affairs. He wants me to do it in his stead. Then, I will do it in order to achieve my peaceful life.

―We won’t probably meet again, but I will watch over you… Aaah, don’t look at me with such eyes, I will respect your privacy.

I’m glad that the Hentai#2 seems to have respect for my privacy. I’m glad he isn’t the same kind of a person like my Nii-sama.

「(By the way, can’t you do something about that Nii-sama’s personality?)」

―Well then! I’m off baibai.

He ran away~~! Apparently Teth is the unreliable type.

As Teth vanished, the time begun to move again. That was a little or perhaps I should say a considerably strange event, but I’m a person who gets used to such things fairly quickly so I wasn’t that surprised. I mean if I surprised every time at things like reincarnation, magic, hentai my heart would get tired. Now, that I have a grasp on my abilities, I will make fireworks just like my Otou-sama. Actually, it is very different, but it has the【same】effect.


It’s quite difficult, but just wait! My first magic desu! Will be successful.The image is oversized fireworks. With the image in my mind of fireworks much bigger than my Otou-sama’s I point my hand towards the sky.

「!! Alicetia」

When Otou-sama notices what I’m up to he gets upset, but I will not let you stand in my way. For some reason, I really want to use this.
And when I approach my limit, I shoot….. It’s a failure desu. Certainly it should have been big and pretty, but it exploded a little just above my head desu. In other words, it didn’t look good. And I wasn’t able to defend against the sudden attack of drowsiness.


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