Reincarnated Princess – Chapter 3

Meaning of Life

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Good morning. Apparently my first magic somehow resulted in a three-day coma. The Spirits told me the reason. When one consumes too much Magic Power and exceeds his own capacity, the body will reject the regeneration. It seems this even sent Spirit-sans into a panic, and they have been transferring their magic power into my body for the last three days. If they didn’t, in the worst case scenario I would die and Okaa-sama would go further in the berserk mode.
I cried. Otou-sama too was crying for an hour after getting scolded. To think my first tears were because of scolding…

「Do you understand, Alice-chan? You can’t use Magic and Spirit Magic as you please」

Roger desu, Okaa-sama. I almost died on the first day of my precious new life. I was not patient, no I was not prudent enough. And, I must prevent any further scary scolding.

「It appears that Alicetia is a special existence. The case of receiving the Spirit’s Magic Power confirmed that. Moreover, the envoy of Church is already here. I have to hold an audience with them now, and it seems that they demand Alicetia’s participation… Shitty fellows with damn good ears. I wish they would fall into ruins」

Otou-sama hates the people from the Church it seems. Well, after hearing Teth’s story, it’s only natural that he dislikes them. However, the question still remains. How does an organization like that still exists? An organization like that shouldn’t be able to survive without the people’s support. But instead of barely surviving, they hold a considerable power. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be able to call an audience with Otou-sama and me.
Ah well, I will check on that matter once I grow up.

We came to the audience hall desu. It looks like a scene from an RPG. Gorgeous room with a luxurious chair. Otou-sama sits on that chair with a crown and a red mantle.
Me? I am in Okaa-sama’s embrace who sits on a chair for the Queen. Now then, the messenger who came has three demands.
1. My education and training will be done by the church. Therefore, hand me over.
2. Stop unreasonably protecting the demi-humans and abide by the Central Nations Alliance’s policy.
3. This country will from now on hold the lowest seat in the Central Nations Alliance.

Now then, the third demand… Are you taking us lightly? At first, I thought the relationship may be delicate, but this person says whatever he wants. Furthermore, that person didn’t even use honorifics. Are you more important than the king of the whole country? A vein popped up on Otou-sama’s and Okaa-sama’s forehead, please take shelter. It’s really scary, you know!! The trauma from Okaa-sama’s scolding reemerges and I can’t stop quivering.

「It’s okay」

It seems Okaa-sama noticed. She dispersed the bloodthirsty aura and became calm. However, Otou-sama’s thirst for blood kept on burning and at last, the messenger noticed.

「I refuse it all. I will write a letter, so throw this garbage out of the country. I prohibit this person from entering the country」

Arara, deported from the country and prohibited the entry. Ah well, he’s a bad person without proper manners, there is no other way. The nearby soldier takes him under his arm like a baggage and leaves the room.

「Bolken, what do you think about this matter?」

Otou-sama asks Ojii-san of similar age next to him. This person somewhat resembles a civil official, he has long brown hair and eyes of the same color. With sharp eyes like that, he indeed looks like a capable person, however, the big black circles under his eyes destroy that image.

「They send him in order to verify. Otherwise, their demands would be more reasonable. He talked without paying any attention to us, his eyes were only watching Hime-sama」

Fumu, he came to see me. Moreover, they had the refusal factored in. However, it seems that only a few countries are able to reject the Central Nations Alliance’s demands of not protecting the minorities and there’s a possibility of that Alliance encouraging the discrimination.

「Don’t interfere with other countries, and don’t accept the interference of other countries. These were the words of our founding King, he probably foresaw a situation like this」

「That’s right, our ancestor was a person with many mysteries, but he was for the coexistence with other races. If possible, I want to follow his thoughts. But, the times have changed! How much longer do we need to endure? 500 years da zo, how many soldiers have died in order to halt the advances of the central countries. Only four members of the royal family remain, at this rate the royalty of this country will disappear」

Eh? Only 4 remain? Isn’t that dangerous? Usually, even a duke has around ten children, why is there so few members of royal family?

「Because of that reason, I want the King to remain here. Leave the battlefield to soldiers and knights, and expand the royal family little by little. A princess was born and the place for a future son-in-law is vacant」

The succession rights usually fall onto the first born. Well, I don’t want to become a queen or something so helping Onii-sama is enough for me. While keeping a large physical distance.

「Must not! If such thing happens, the oath will be broken and the country will be divided. We, the royal family must lead our forces in battle. That was the oath between the founder King and patriarchs of other families. Only that way they will give us their assistance to keep the country peaceful」

「But that was only possible because the founder King always returned unhurt from the battlefields」

「Importunate! There are things that should not be changed. Why do we exist? You understand that other countries bear a grudge against other races, right? We have to compensate for them. As equal beings, it is our royal family’s duty to continue proving that other races are no different from us」

The story is rather deep, but will my future be used for political convenience? Well, my parents seem like good people so they probably wouldn’t choose a bad partner, because I was born to the royal family, I must be resolute.

「Increase the lookouts along the borders. They will attack in the future to get hold of Alicetia’s body. It’s not like we lived 500 years in idleness. I won’t let her become the puppet of the church like the others! The God will see our willpower through this child. Now that the Asta Commonwealth has fallen, if this country also disappears our poor people and other races won’t have anywhere to live anymore」

I’m the cause of war desu ne… However, in spite of having a poor ability, I will do my best. From their talk, it seems that living in a different country would be impossible-ish, I don’t want to be someone’s puppet. I don’t know much yet, but the time won’t wait just for me, I must grow up as soon as possible. I must grow before I become a calamity for this country.
Therefore, I will use all the knowledge and power I possess to protect my family and the people of this country.

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