Reincarnated Princess – Idle Talk 1

Birth of the Princess and Spirit-sama


Emiru Era calendar, year 598, month 5, Green Day of the 3rd week, the world is in disturbance once again.

「Your Majesty, the child was safely delivered. It is a girl」

Royal physician Foltse informs me.
My name is Drakonia von Arland. The King of Arland Kingdom. And today is a memorable day, a day that my beloved wife Sylvia gave birth to my second child.

「Are the child and Sylvia healthy?」

I can’t suppress the excitement, I draw closer to Foltse. This kind of thing isn’t normally allowed, a King should act with dignity, but this fellow and I are acquaintances for more than 20 years, so there’s no problem.

「The mother and child are both in good health」

Foltse answers while smiling wryly. Because he knows me for so long, he clearly understands that my patience is nonexistent. Of course, I have no intention of changing it.

「Is that so. Then let’s inform the nation and hold a banquet. A festival will be celebrated from today」

While saying so I go towards my wife, but for some reason, Foltse catches my shoulders and looks at me with a serious face. I want to see my daughter quickly. I want him to move his hands.

「What’s the matter? Today is the day of celebration」

「There is something you should know」

He is usually a polite fellow because his serious face is so rare, I start to worry.

「What is it?」

When I switch my character back to a king’s one, after a short time Foltse started talking with difficulty.

「Hime-sama received a Divine protection of a spirit」

「Wha! She received that Divine protection!! Where is that unlucky mark engraved?」

Spirit’s divine protection means loved by spirits, if emerged in someone, he will obtain the power to interfere with the law of nature. A mark appears somewhere on the body if one receives the divine protection. And when the mark appears on places that stand out like a face or a hand, the power is especially strong. The reason behind the divine protection being ‘unlucky’ is because the church has been gathering divine protection holders for the last 300 years. The holders of the divine protection are abducted by the church. If it’s managed properly, the information about the divine protection won’t leave the country. Our kingdom is not strong enough to oppose the church.

「It is in her eye. Also, a Spirit-sama is manifesting around the princess」

What to do. It’s said that the hero from 500 years ago had a mark engraved in his eye.
【The Eye Mark】, it is said that the God grants this mark and this mark is the proof of one who rules over all Divine protection holders.
And above all, we can’t ignore the manifestation of the spirit. Spirits are only seen by those to whom they lend their power. However, if a spirit manifests in order to celebrate the birth, it means that my daughter will be considerably loved by the spirits.

「I see! Then let’s inform our people about this too!! My ways are not incorrect. We are accompanied by a spirit」

Foltse panics at my words.

「Pardon me for saying this, but that will put Princess in danger」

「But there’s no way we can hide the spirit manifestation. Let’s inform the citizens, I will protect Alicetia myself. Even if thousands of enemies come, I and this kingdom won’t fall」

When I announce that I won’t let my daughter become a tool, Foltse nods firmly.


Foltse yields in the end. This man understands me more than most, he also understands my real intentions and my resolve.

「Convey the matter of the festival」

「As you wish」

Foltse leaves after bowing down.
I am a fortunate man. A lovely wife, a son with a strong sense of responsibility and a daughter loved by spirits. I swear I will absolutely protect my family and kingdom.

「Sylvia, may I come in?」

After knocking on Sylvia’s door,「Come in」was said from behind the door so I immediately entered and rushed towards my wife and daughter.

「This is the tenth time. Please stop destroying my doors all the time」

「No problem, I will replace them later」

If it’s only ten times, I can repair them myself. I will take care of the craftsmanship next time. Next time… I will carve a dragon that jumps like this… ah, now is not the time for this.


An angel was there. My cute daughter with silver hair just like my wife’s and green eyes.


I tried to hug her unconsciously, but Sylvia turned away with Alicetia in her arms. At this rate, I won’t be able to hold her. Why is she avoiding me.

「Please calm down. Are you trying to crush Alice? Please bear with just patting her until you calm down」

I was scolded. Certainly, I easily forget to adjust my strength. I must be more careful from now on.
I don’t want my daughter to avoid me like my subordinates avoid Gilbert. I don’t want to become a man who is looked at like a man who comes from the depths of hell.

「That reminds me, I was told that spirit-sama is manifesting, but where is it?」

「It’s above your head yet you didn’t notice…」

I avoid my wife’s reproachful eyes and look up to see Spirit-sama.
A fluffy round body covered by light feathers. Spirit-sama lightens up this room with a gentle light. One would normally not notice…

「This is Spirit-sama of Light. So Alicetia received a Divine protection of Spirit of Light」

Light and Dark Spirits are ranked at the top, only a small number of people can reproduce their power. So such Spirit is now looking over my daughter.

「No. There were 6 of them a little while ago」

My body stops after my wife smiles at me wryly. What did she just say?

「Therefore, she is loved by all Spirits」


Dangerous, dangerous. I forgot to breathe. However, being loved by all Spirits, is it because of the Eye Mark? While thinking so, I release my magic around the room.
People who are not blessed with Divine protection can’t see nor perceive Spirits. But Wizards can perceive them by releasing the magic.

「Are they really hiding around Alicetia?」

「Maybe the rest of them just don’t want to be seen」

I stop releasing the magic and gently hug my wife and daughter.

「I won’t let anyone steal my Alicetia nor will I let her become a tool, we will protect her」

For the sake of not repeating the tragedy from 500 years ago……

After hugging them for a while, I decided to spend my time happily patting my daughter’s head. I want to talk to my daughter more(even if she doesn’t understand), I want to spend time together.

「However, Alicetia’s expression doesn’t change at all」

I thought suddenly. This child doesn’t react, she is not crying nor laughing, she is expressionless.

「She didn’t cry even after birth, Foltse examined her thoroughly, though. It seems there were no problems. Her voice comes out normally」


Certainly, the voice comes out normally. Her expressionless is cute so I will permit it. Because I’m a tolerant king!!
Rather, do you understand our words? …… No way. Surely that’s not possible.

「We are your parents」

While patting Alicetia, her eyes squint a little. She’s way too cute. There will be the need for an insect repellent. I will consult Anbu later.

「It’s too early you know?」

This cuteness will definitely attract insects so a repellent is a must, my body starts to tremble just from thinking about it. I will definitely not allow it. Unless you exceed me, I won’t let you get close to my daughter……


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