Shinsori + Damenano = Novelonomicon

Hey all, first of all, Happy Holidays!

After a long 7 months of work, the new site I’ve been working on, Novelonomicon, is ready to be released. All new releases will be published on fro now on.
The Shinsori Translations “group” will be also officially renamed to Novelonomicon. I do plan on keeping and up for as long as possible, so if you prefer reading older chapters on one of the older sites, you are welcome to continue doing that!

So what’s Novelonomicon about?
TLDR: it’s all 2000+ chapters from and on one site that is now running on VPS.

– Thousands (yikes) of grammatical errors fixed
– All (hopefully) Japanese brackets removed
– Hundreds of un, maa, yosh, mou, translated to their English counterparts
– Account registrations are open, comes with profile and dashboard
– User badges and points system [Beta] – Leaderboards
– Notifications
– Private messaging
– Double comment system (native and disqus) [Beta] – Day/night mode
– Font resizer

I will be also opening the pages to Novelonomicon to translators and authors that wish to host their projects on the site.

Happy reading!

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