Shomin, Mezametara & more.


The translation of Mezametara Chikashitsu!? is going on hiatus.  I have been having a difficult time translating this series recently because of my fading interest in the novel. With the additional ‘problem’ of the novel not being updated since last month, I decided to put the translation of this novel on hiatus for now. I will resume the translation again once the raws are regularly updated again.

I have also decided to make a regular schedule for Shomin no Aji which will be 1 chapter a day and also opened bonus chapters for the novel. You can now find a progress bar and tip button between the chapter and comment section. All received tips will go towards the following week’s regular schedule.

I have picked up a new series called Demon Lord Wants to Laze to fill the Mezametara gap.  This novel is also getting a regular schedule of three chapters a week with bonus chapters. You can read the first chapter HERE.

More news on Silver Death and Kindred release schedule later.

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