Shomin no Aji – Chapter 1

Let's confirm the present situation


After Miria left the room, the current absentminded me confirmed the present situation.

My name is Cristea Ellisfeed. A Duke’s daughter from the trade-specialized Doristan Kingdom which lies near the sea on the Rasferia Continent. The culture resembles that of Middle Ages of my past life, but it’s possible to live a life on a close level to that of modern times with the power of magic.

Right. That’s right. This world has magic. From life magic to water or wind and many more attributes of magic.
The number and power of attributes that nobles of high rank can use seem to be high.
Up until now, this was only natural world for Cristea, but now that I have recalled my past life, although late, I’m deeply moved by this reality. Fuooh… magic?! That’s amazing! It’s a world of light novels! Me? Can I use it? I want to rebuke strongly the me who didn’t diligently study before! My magic studies teacher, I’m sorry!
I will diligently study from now on! … I apologized with a newfound determination in my mind. For the time being.

However… in light novels, God would grant me some cheats before reincarnating into a different world… it was promised, wasn’t it? It didn’t happen to me, did it? Ehh… Oh God, wouldn’t it be fine to give me some…?
Well, being a Duke’s daughter, being able to use magic and having the memories of my past life might be enough to be considered cheats in this world, but you know…

While thinking in distress, Miria came back.

「Cristea-sama, I kept you waiting」

I thanked Miria who nimbly finished serving and ate the milk-based soup.

Although I was deeply moved by magic, there’s something I’m a bit… no, considerably dissatisfied…

The food… is not that tasty.

No you see, it definitely isn’t bad… you know? I think it would surely enter the delicious category. The cooks are suitable for our Ducal house and they treat us for wonderful meals every day. However, but it’s painful for me who has recalled the memories of the past me who was raised in a gluttonous country of Japan. I’m eating cream and butter with a full course every day, aren’t I… it’s difficult for me… who was raised as a commoner. I don’t believe Cristea had such a problem until now, but… every day will be difficult.
However, would telling the cooks of a Ducal house to cook only frugal meals for me okay…
Having feasts every day, it’s quite difficult…

Besides, I haven’t moved around much because I’m Ojousama, so I feel like my belly is quite squishy for an eight years old… no. No, no, it’s because I’m eight, alright? Being plump is cute, right? … No, let’s stop trying to deceive myself. At this rate, I will be chubby and my body will turn into a marshmallow at full speed. Well, corsets are a necessity in this era, right? If I went「Ah…」and collapsed of anemia because of that! What an agonizing body!

… In addition to studying magic, let’s forge my body with dancing, martial arts or something…
I should do sit-ups sneakily before sleeping… also, I somehow have to improve my diet. Unconditionally.

While Cristea continued eating the soup while making all kinds of different expressions, Miria who was watching her「Is she still feeling unwell, I wonder…」was worrying.


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