Shomin no Aji – Chapter 10

Nowadays, I wish for a stealth skill


Don’t take the cover in the middle, the baby will cry if you do~♪ Mufufu~n♪

Aiming at the chance where Shin who became a kitchen inspector is absent, I stealthily infiltrate the kitchen. I carry my night’s effort, the somehow polished rice hidden in my pockets.
I briefly polish the rice in water, take a position at the stove and start cooking it in a pot.

Controlling the strength of fire magic is unexpectedly difficult, isn’t it… using the magic stone that attached to the stove would be good, but my desires lie in making a stealthy meal, so wasting the magic stone’s magical power would be a bit… it has a considerable amount compared to me though. Un. However, if I do it skillfully with this method, I will be able to prepare meals anywhere and everywhere… mufu.
I think I will do my best in magic control practice. (takes a posture) For the sake of the delicious meals! (real motive)

As a matter of fact, I tried whether the polishing can be done with magic, but I literally, splendidly pulverized it…
The more precise your image while using magic is, the delicately it’s possible to control it, but if you ask me the image of rice polishing…
Eliminating its surroundings in a flash~? I had such thoughts and it turned out like that. I’m glad I tried it only on a little bit… my precious Rice-sama has, has, has…

U, umu, let’s pull myself together. I just have to practice. Learning magic with high precision is done with repetition, right? I will be able to eat too, it’s killing two birds with one stone, isn’t it?
Alright, let’s keep going! If you have something on your mind, you should do anything to accomplish it! I made a new resolve. While averting my gaze from the troublesome rice polishing…

Leaving a rice cooker aside, there are no earthenware pots either… earthenware, huh… can they be made with earth magic? If they can, hot pot in winter would be good too… un, un.
I have to practice earth magic too. My ceramics classes will be helpful. I wasn’t able to accomplish anything with it in my OL times… I felt empty at that time, but it wasn’t in vain! I tried comforting my past self.

Right, speaking of hot pot in winter, there’s kotatsu too, right! Could it be made using magic stones? And also, let’s create ice with water magic and make ice cream. Kotatsu and ice cream… it’s the best. My dreams have extended.


Mufufufuu~n♪ While having such wild delusions and eagerly watching the steaming pot, I was picked up from behind by Shin. Nuooh… I made a blunder. I should have dragged that pot into my room…!

「Ojousama… didn’t I tell you not to use the stove by yourself when I’m not around?」

He tightly seized my head and put strength in his hands. Ouch, ouch!

「Wai, owowowww…! This is not something you should do to your employer?!」
「My employer is Master… and this is a punishment for not keeping your promise」

Grind, grind, grind.
Hiii. I’m sowwyyyyy! Ahーーー!


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