Shomin no Aji – Chapter 102

Persuasion and back-up.


I hurriedly began the persuasion of Otousama and Oniisama who were shaking.

「See, Otousama? I will rely on Kurogane to guard me. Both Kurogane and I can use warp magic and I can store the baggage in the inventory. Therefore, please give me the permission to go outside」
「I have no issue with Kurogane accompanying you as a guard. However, with only one guard…」

Otousama made a sullen face. N~ seriously~ too formidable!

『I too, guard, can』

As soon as Mashiro stated so, he got off my arms and went down onto the floor, and turned into a human.
Eeeeh!? Mashiro too!?

Mashiro turned into a young boy with silver hair. His age I would say, is slightly higher than Oniisama’s. Eeeh… I was sure he would be smaller than me…!
Though slender, his body seems both tempered and flexible. I’m not sure whether he was imitating Oniisama, but his simple shirt and trousers are the same as his, and his upright figure seems gallant yet lovely.

「Me too, can protect Cristea, you know?」

He said after kneeling before me, taking my hand in his and gazing at me. Although handsome, he looked absolutely adorable.

「Mashiro turned into a human too, huh…」
「For Cristea, became, a human, for the first time, you know? Kurogane can, so I can too, do it」

Eh, he turned into a human for the first time… moreover, it was in order to oppose Kurogane… that’s adorable, but his desire to monopolize me is quite strong, isn’t it…

When I patted his head with some anxiety, he delightfully smiled. Ahh, his hair is so silky… haa, how cute… I beg you, don’t turn into a yandere, okay??

「Like this, Cristea, can go outside?」

Mashrio asked while tilting his head to the side. Ah~ his every action is so adorable!

「Otousama, how about it?」
「It doesn’t look like Mashiro would attract more offenders, but…」

… I’m in a strong agreement relating that, Otousama…

「I can’t be more at ease with two sacred beasts as your guards, but…」
「Yes! Of course! I will go only to the market and the company, I definitely won’t approach any dangerous place!」

Moreover, I can make round-trips with warp!

「… Fine. However, be sure to return at time without a fail」
「! Of course! Thank you very much!」
「… And, you have to definitely let me taste the new menu」
「Ha? Yes… naturally!」

Papan, you were curious about the new menu that much…


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