Shomin no Aji – Chapter 104

The Mofumofu Association inauguration.


「… That being the case, I contracted Mashiro and Kurogane」

I did the same explanation to Miria I told to Otousama and Oniisama.

「Haa… is that so… Cristea-sama is, umm… how to say it… outside of the norm in various ways, so I thought I wouldn’t get surprised anymore, but… you are way ahead of my imagination, so I came to realize how impossible such thoughts were」

… Eh? Eh? Miria-san!? Such understanding, wouldn’t it unintentionally cause misunderstanding instead!?

「Then… is this talk about Sacred Beasts perhaps a secret again?」

As expected of Miria. She understood quickly.

「Yes, Otousama and Oniisama are aware of the circumstances, but other people… especially His Highness and other authorized personnel, I ask you to keep it from them by all means, okay?」
「… Understood」

Ah, she somehow consented, but don’t look at me with those eyes, okay?

「Mashiro and Kurogane as a principle won’t leave my room. And also, they can’t show up before anyone except Otousama, Oniisama and Miria」
『I won’t be able to protect Lord like that though』
『By Cristea’s side, can’t be…?』

Both are dissatisfied, but they must endure.

「I’m sorry about this. You will have to endure at least until His Highness leaves…」

There, there, I soothed Mashiro and Kurogane while patting them.

Hmm, to think these mofumofus could surprisingly turn into humans…
I don’t find it strange since Byakko-sama and others can do it too, but…

What do I say, the ratio of hunks around me.
The face score is too high, I feel like I will get buried… no, I will get buried without a doubt… haa.

「Cristea-sama, umm…」

Ha! Not good, not good, I have blanked out.
When I looked at Miria, she was fidgeting and looked as if wanted to say something.

Ahh, I see…

I understand, kindred soul.

「Does Miria want to try patting them too?」
「! U, umm… yes」

Miria hung her bright red face in embarrassment. Cute.

「Say, Mashiro, Kurogane? Miria wants to touch your splendid furs. Will you let her?」
『… If Lord wishes for it』
『Un, fine~』
「Thank you. Miria, go ahead?」

When I prompted Miria, she timidly approached and started gently patting.

「Fuwaa… what a wonderful fur this is…」

Miria kept patting while entranced. Isn’t that right, isn’t that right? The fur of our children is the most wonderful!

「Ufufu. Miria, help me with the brushing too, okay?」
「Yes! Gladly!!」

This day, the Ellisfeed House’s Mofumofu Association has been officially inaugurated and the activity has started.

Un, let’s buy exclusive brushes both for Mashiro and Kurogane.
The colors, of course, white and black?


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