Shomin no Aji – Chapter 105

The morning of Mofu Paradise.


Good morning. It’s Cristea.
Last night, it became really late and I have fallen asleep as if in a skit.
Even if my insides are that of a calm and composed adult, my body is that of a child after all…
That being the case, I woke up just a little while ago, but…

… I can’t move.
Sleep paralysis? No, that’s not it, you know? I can’t move because of the mofumofu besiegement…
My legs are pinned down by Kurogane’s head and Mashiro is on top of my belly.

He’s not heavy, but… I can’t move, can I? How did it become like this!?
I’m happy, but! Mofu Paradise is the best, but!
If I don’t get up soon…!

「… Mashiro, Kurogane. Wake up?」
『N? Awake? Isn’t it fine to sleep a bit longer?』

Kuwawaa… Kurogane yawned and placed his face on top of my legs again.

『Cristea, morning… is fine to sleep more~…』

No, no, Mashiro? Don’t go suyaa… again, okay? That was adorable though!

「… I won’t be in time for breakfast, so I can’t. I’m getting up」

I hardened my heart and refused. I’m charmed by the Mofu Paradise, but we are going shopping today. I don’t have time to spare for indolence! Besides, the current me is on an important mission!

I reluctantly separated from Mashiro and Kurogane and rushed to the restroom.
… As a human… no, I protected my dignity as a little girl… fuu.

Pulling myself together, I dressed up and went to sit at the breakfast. Mashiro and Kurogane are staying in my room. I’m sorry, okay?
I took out yesterday’s orcatsu from the inventory for them, so their mood didn’t turn bad. I’m glad~

Today’s menu is French toast.
Not just the sweet one, but also French toast interposed with pseudo-chicken meat, ham, and cheese. The bread was soaked in egg wash and it was cooked well in butter, interposed with cheese and herb seasoned ham and cooked again as a whole. This, garnished with salad and consommé soup and today’s breakfast is finished!

「I have eaten tasty French toasts back in the capital, but this is also delicious…」

You are eating quite well with those cheeks stuffed, Your Highness. I found it strange that he doesn’t get fat from eating this much, but seems he trains magic and swordsmanship in the mornings with Oniisama.
I see, no wonder he eats so much then.
… Rather, I might not be one to judge others… I wonder if it was comfortable for Mashiro to sleep on me because of the cushioning…

「Norman, I intend to go to the town for inspection today, but…」

Eh~!? Your Highness, why today of all days!?
When I looked at Oniisama whether he talked about me going to the town, he shook his head as if saying “wrong, wrong!”. Ehh…?
… What is it, wild instincts? A mere coincidence?

But, even so! I have no choice but to go! In the first place, most of my shopping will be done in the Bastea Company.
He will be surely done with the inspection while I have a tea with Sei and others.
Near-miss? Won’t happen, won’t happen!
I will carry out the outing!


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