Shomin no Aji – Chapter 106



「Miss Cristea, won’t you go together with us?」
「!? … T, together… is it?」

I somehow managed to endure spitting out the consommé soup.

「Yeah, could you teach me about the town?」
「… I rarely go out, so there’s not much I could teach you. Besides, I have business to take care of today…」

A business called shopping without His Highness! Acting together with His Highness would be the greatest inconvenience. It goes without saying that it will be more comfortable and quicker to warp where I need… I’m concerned mainly about the comfort. I will politely decline!

「I see…」

Though I feel sorry seeing His Highness’ slightly pitiful state, I would like to avoid further trouble!

I’m seriously glad that he’s not the “It’s the Crown Prince’s order!” sort of prince… I’m a bit worried about the country’s future though… I hope he won’t turn into a good-for-nothing prince.

N? Oniisama looks dispirited as well…? It’s unfortunate that I can’t go out together with Oniisama, but Sei and others are in the Bastea Company, so I can’t bring him there… Oniisama, do your best and persevere as His Highness’ attendant, okay?
I will buy you a souvenir!

I returned to my room after finishing breakfast and changed into a merchant daughter’s one-piece dress.
I informed Miria that I’m taking Mashiro and Kurogane as my guards this time and that she will have to stay at home.
Because I didn’t tell Miria about Mashiro’s and Kurogane’s human forms, I explained Miria that the guards are waiting for me on-site and had her leave the room because I will be warping from here.

「Lord, won’t you be easily discovered with such an appearance?」

Kurogane who changed into his human form said after seeing my disguise.

「Eh? Is this not good enough!?」

I checked while holding the hem of the one-piece.

「No, I thought you will be easily recognized because of your characteristic hair color」

Ahh, this pink-gold hair of mine is certainly easy to recognize. I think it didn’t stand out this much the last time because I had them braided and hidden under a hat. Should I do it the same way?

「Lord, stay still」

Kurogane said such as he started to cast some kind of magic.

「… It’s done」

When I checked in the mirror, the color of my hair and eyes changed into brown. It appears that only the color changed with the use of that magic. What is this? Isn’t this super convenient!? I will have him teach me when we return…

I also had Mashiro’s conspicuous pure white hair changed into brown and dressed him in boy’s clothes that can often be seen around the town. Un, cute.

Kurogane’s attire became even rougher though… doesn’t he look like a rather bad playboy?
Isn’t his sex appeal pointlessly leaking out? Even though we are supposed to go incognito, don’t you stand out too much…?

O, oh well… if Kurogane stands out, then Mashiro and I will be lost from sight, so let’s deem it acceptable…

N, now then… let’s go to the town!!


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