Shomin no Aji – Chapter 108

Last resort.


Uwawawawa… if I knew these two have a bad blood between them, I would have been more careful! Byakko-sama, you stupid~

「A dirty beast like you is Cristea-sama’s contracted beast!? There’s a limit to jokes! I won’t accept it!」
「Ha, too bad. I was recognized by Lord and we signed a contract. There’s no room for you to butt in anymore. Stay out of it!」
「Yes, stoooーーーーp!!!」

I stopped the heated up two by force.

「Lord? Don’t stop me. I will give this fellow some final words!」
「If you keep fighting, there won’t be any meals or snacks for you! No matter who is in the wrong, both parties will be punished together!」

Hearing no meals or snacks, the two reluctantly stopped fighting. Alrighty.
The effect is perfect.

「By fate, I got acquainted with Suzaku-sama and contracted Kurogane. Seeing you two fight because of me makes me sad… if possible, I would like if you could get along」

I appealed with an expression which seemed as if I were to burst into tears at any moment.

「Cristea-sama… how kindhearted you are…」
「Lord… understood… I will do my best」
「Really?… I’m glad. Then, why don’t we have a tea with everyone as a token of reconciliation?」

I proposed while smiling.
Byakko-sama’s face seems to be cramping a bit, but that’s just my imagination, right?


「I heard from Tora, but I didn’t think that you would really contract Sacred Beasts」

Sei said with a wry smile.

「My, wasn’t it you who said that I have a good affinity or something like that?」

Besides, contracting was a high-pressure salesmanship from Byakko-sama. It didn’t come from me, but from the other party. It’s this act of God thingy, you know?

「That’s true, but… in actuality, it’s not that easy to form a contract, much less recklessly forming multiple of them, you know?」
「Are you telling me that?」
「The circumstances are different in my case, aren’t they?」

He shrugged his shoulders at my tsukkomi.

「Well, yeah, but」
「Unlike enslaved beasts, the desire to monopolize their Lord is great in the contracted beasts, therefore generally, people form only one contract」

Ahh… yeah. I realized that yesterday…

「Haha… it seems so」
「Accordingly, their thoughts of wanting to protect their Lord increase, so it’s not a bad thing」

That is indeed a thing to be grateful for.

「Yeah… but, an ordinary noble girl like me won’t attract dangerous eyes, so having the protection of Sacred Beasts is like throwing pearls before swines…」

I feel bad for using them as a persuasion material for Otousama. It helped though.


N? Why is everyone staring at me?

「Having no self-awareness is frightening…」
「… But, that is also Cristea-sama’s good point」
「Well… I will be including this to the things I have to keep in mind…」
「… Me too, will properly, look after」

Nn? What, what? What are these tepid gazes directed at a hopeless child!?

… Don’t understand!!!!


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