Shomin no Aji – Chapter 121

Let's enjoy the texture.


I chose the milk type for the trial dessert. Because it would look lonely just on its own, I dished it up with fruits.

「Hou… this jiggly texture is nice」
「This white is… milk? I can indeed feel milk in the taste, but… it can harden to this shape too, huh…」

Otousama ate silently while Prince Ray and Oniisama expressed many impressions.
… You are eating at abnormal speeds, but there are no seconds for you, alright??

「This is made from agar which comes from seaweed. It will take on such texture when you heat it until dissolved and harden. I used milk and sugar for these desserts, but it also has many more uses, so I think of experimenting from now on」

No, I already made lots.

「Hee… by seaweed, you mean the ones growing in sea, right? The sea is really salty, but I can’t feel that from this at all」

Prince Ray said in wonder.

「Yes, I don’t understand it in detail, the salt is removed from the seaweed during the agar making process. Agar itself doesn’t have a taste, but it’s mainly made for the enjoyment of the texture」
「Cristea, seconds please…」
「Otousama, I’m sorry, but there are no another helpings」
「T, that so…」

Otousama became dejected.

Otousama is unexpectedly fond of sweets, huh…
It looks like he might eat the whole youkan if I were to give it to him… I have to be careful.
I don’t want to see Otousama grow sideways because of overeating.

Now that I recall how I have forgotten myself and nearly overate during the sampling, we really are a parent and a child, aren’t we…

While enjoying the after meal tea, Prince Ray was looking at me restlessly.
What is it? Does he want more sweets…?

「Miss Cristea, I got a souvenir for you while on today’s inspection」

He signaled his servant who brought over a large jar.

「It’s my thanks for the delicious meals. I heard you were searching for this in the Bastea Company so I bought it for you」

T, this is, surely not…

「I wasn’t aware that Miss Cristea already obtained some, so I was surprised at the dinner, but… I bought everything they had, so please use it to your heart’s content」

It really is umeboshi~!
What… I thought he wanted to bring it to the royal palace as a souvenir… ugh, even though Prince Ray bought it all, I planned to do it myself…

「Such precious article, I can’t accept it…」

Something like a present from Prince Ray, I’m too scared to accept it~ I don’t know what I might be demanded in return after all.

「N, no! Only Miss Cristea can make a use of this! I want you to receive it as my thanks for your hospitality!」

Prince Ray who thought Cristea would accept it with a delight panicked when she refused as his plan failed.

Eh~… how troublesome. Umeboshi are certainly attractive, but… I feel like I will get troubled after receiving it.

「Cristea, accept it」
「Prince Ray is giving it you ONLY as thanks for your hospitality. It’s like the ruler rewarding his retainer. Accept it. Isn’t that right? Prince Ray?」
「Eh? Ah, yeah… that’s right. Please accept it」

Hmm. You did well, here’s your reward! Is it that kind of thing?
Otousama is saying so too, well, I will accept it in that case…

「Then, I will gratefully accept it」
「Y, yeah…」

Yay, Umeboshi in large quantity obtained!
I made a profit~! When I thanked with a whole-faced smile, the disheartened Prince Ray turned red and mumbled. Nn?


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