Shomin no Aji – Chapter 127

Let's go picking.


The next day after the pizza party.
The pizza kiln was obstructing the view, so I reluctantly demolished it with earth magic under Otousama’s orders.
Ugh, my pizza kiln… it’s finemon, I will make it againmon.

I removed it without leaving any trances, so I decided to leave for a stroll with Kurogane and Mashiro.

「Kurogane, you can use appraisal, right? Is this mushroom edible?」
『N? Ah, it isn’t. It will make your stomach immediately feel unwell』
「Even though it looks normal… say, this is? It has poisonous colors, so it isn’t edible, is it?」
『Don’t be stupid. This is a delicacy when heated up』
「… Ehh? It’s delicious even though it looks like that!?」
『There are not many people who are aware of it after all』
「Hmm… I don’t understand this (world’s) mushroom edibleness…」

In my past life, I often went to gather edible wild plants and mushrooms with my grandmother who lived in a countryside.

Mushrooms that aren’t edible look just like those that are, so be careful. I was often told.
Becuase I have such memory, not touching the mushrooms of this world was the correct choice.

In accordance with Kurogane’s recommendation, I picked up the poisonous looking purple mushroom and put it in my basket.

「If there are any other wild grasses which can be eaten, then don’t forget to tell me, okay?」
『Aye, understood』
『Kurogane~? This, can eat?』

Mashiro held a lovely pink mushroom in his hand.

『I have never eaten it, but… it’s often used in aphrodisiacs. It has both aphrodisiac and paralyzing effects』
「Ha-! Mashiro, you mustn’t eat it!」

I stored the mushroom he brought close to his mouth in the inventory in panic.
Eh? Why not throw it away? … I just thought whether it might not sell somewhere at some time… tehe.

「Oh my? Oniisama. What’s the matter?」

I was surprised by Oniisama who suddenly rushed over while panting.

「What, you ask… you have entered the forest you have caused trouble in just a few days ago, of course I would be worried?」

Oh my my, that I’m very sorry for… but, even if this is a forest, it’s technically the site of our mansion, I can warp if something were to happen, so there’s really no need to be worried this much. I have Mashiro and Kurogane with me as guards too.

「Oniisama, you really get worried easily, don’t you?」

Fufu, I laughed and noticed a mushroom growing at my feet.

「I think I can only worry when it comes to you, Cristea. Since I have returned from the academy, I have been worried all the time because I don’t know what you might do」
「My, excuse me. I won’t do anything」

Ah, this is the aphrodisiac mushroom from before.

Rustle, rustle.


Just when I thought I heard a sound coming from the bush ahead, a black cat appeared from within.

「My, Kuroneko-san. Hello?」

It snuggled up to my legs. Fufu, cute. Who’s child is it?

『…! Lord, get away! That fellow is…!』

The moment Kurogane shouted such, I got covered by a black shadow.


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