Shomin no Aji – Chapter 132

It's tough to be in a good mood.


After that, it was really difficult as Mashiro’s and Kurogane’s moods took a nose dive down…

『Cristea, thinks of us, as nothing…』
「I’m telling you that not the case…」
『As I thought, you thought of us as easy prey that time…』
「Don’t say something like that」

The brushing & mofu time continued for eternity. As expected, m, my hands are already hurting…

Kuroneko-san is in the same room as us, but when she approaches me to get a supply of magical power, Mashiro and Kurogane throw her out, so she’s currently sulking in the corner of the room.
Kuroneko-san, bear with it for now…

『It can’t be helped now that it had turned out like this, but it’s a done deal that this fellow is the lowest layer among us, alright?』

Kurogane who finally got back in a good mood emphasized.

『Cristea, I’m your number one, right?』
『What are you saying. It’s given that I’m the number one』
「Ah~ yes, yes. Both of you are my number one」
『Foolish… do as you please. Hmph!』
『『Be quiet, you bottom feeder』』
『…! Hmph!』
「… Haa」

It’s my bad for proceeding even though I was aware of the strong desires to monopolize of the contracted beasts, but… I would like them to get along a little.
Mashiro and Kurogane are singing the exact same tune for some reason.

『Are you not going to name her in the end?』

Kurogane brought up the matter I decided to put on hold.

「If I name her, the contract will be completed, right? I heard that it’s better not to form contracts with magic beasts, though…」

Otousama also said that this is virtually identical to a contract…

『Wouldn’t it be inconvenient to keep her near you and not call her by name?』
「Well, that’s right… but, won’t it work out somehow? Kuroneko-san is suitable too…」
『It really is suitable… Lord, with such voracious conditions, it’s nearly as good as making a contract with her, you know? With such conditions and completion of the contract, that fellow won’t injure Lord even if it costs her life, on the other hand, she would protect you to the point of insanity』
『Besides, if something were to happen, I will protect Cristea, okay?』
『That’s right. You don’t have to worry about anything since I will protect you, Lord』
「Mashiro, Kurogane… thank you」

They think about me so much… I feel guilty for going this far just so I could mofu a cat.

『Besides, Lord calls that fellow Kuroneko, but I don’t feel good about having a partly similar name. Give her another name』

… No need to guess, that was your real issue, right?? Kurogane?

『Isn’t Bottom Feeder or something like that good enough?』
「T, that… I wouldn’t want to call such unpleasant name~…」

Mashiro has no sympathy…

『Hey! What are you deciding by yourselves without asking!』
『『Shut up, Bottom Feeder』』

Mashiro and Kurogane coldly replied to Kuroneko-san who was hissing at them.
They really don’t get along at all…

Since it came to this, I really have to trouble myself to come up with a new name…!

Naming Kuroneko-san without using「Kuro」, huh… Tama… is not good, Mike is out of the question…

I, who has no naming sense was at a wits’ end.


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