Shomin no Aji – Chapter 133

What shall your name be?


I was stuck in distress, worrying about Kuroneko-san’s name.

「Kuroneko-san’s name… don’t use Kuro…」

Yami (darkness)… that, as expected, would be too magic beast-ish, so not that… hmm… Yoru (night)? It would be fine if it’s Yoru, right? She has a glossy fur, so wouldn’t something like Tsuyayoru (glossy night) be alright?… Is she an artist or what? The impression from kanji is a little bit too coquettish, isn’t it?

Also, to associate her with night… Kuroneko-san’s eyes are golden, so Seiya (starry night), Tsukiyo (moonlit night)… something feels off. Hmm, moon… Kaguya-hime… Kaguya?

「Kaguya. Written as a bright night, Kaguya. How about that? Black fur that resembles the night and eyes that look like moons, I think it suits her perfectly, but…」

『Isn’t that too splendid of a name for a Bottom Feeder?』
『Too good, for this fellow』

… How harsh~…

『Kaguya… bright night… this I?』
「That’s right. They have a fairy-tale about a princess named Kaguya in a foreign country, you know?」
『Pr, pr, princess, you say… t, that doesn’t suit me… I don’t have the qualities…』

She seems not displeased although fidgety.

「You don’t like it?」
『T, that’s not the case. But…』

She glanced at Mashiro and Kurogane. It seems she was worried about the two’s comments.

「I really want to give you the name Kaguya, though… can’t I?」
『…! C, can’t be helped! Don’t I have to do as you say anyhow! Hmph! Call me as you please!』

… Even though cursing, her tail is delightfully standing in attention.
Ohh, a tsundere! Is this the so-called tsundere!!

「Then, your name is Kaguya, okay?」

When I said while smiling, I felt a similar feeling I felt before. Is the contract completed?

『For this guy to have a name of a princess, she falls to live up to her name』
『Well, this fellow certainly doesn’t have the qualities of a princess』
『Shut up!』
「Seriously… no meals for you if you fight! Okay!」

The fight completely ceased with those words.
As expected of my trump card. It’s highly efficient…


「… with that, Kaguya-hime returned to the moon」
『… Uu, isn’t that a good story…』

I was asked what kind of story Kaguya-hime is, so although unclear about some points, I talked about the story.

『In short, on top of not wanting to marry, she had unreasonable demands for the nobles, and escaped after finding faults with them?』
『I see』
「Wroo~ng! No, you might have interpreted it like that because the way I explained it, but… i, it’s not like that, okay!」
『… You guys, your personalities are really bad, aren’t they!?』
『I don’t want to be told that by a magic beast. When it comes to bad personalities, then magic beasts are way in the lead』
『Kaguya, ill-natured』
『Kiii! You guys better be prepared!』

Kisha-! Kaguya prepared to spring at the two.

「Ah! Kaguya! You mustn’t!」
『Eh?…!? Fu, funyaa…?』

The moment Kaguya was about to jump, the collar activated, and according to the conditions, sucked her magical power, making her feebly collapse on the spot.

「… That’s why I told you…」
『M, my magical power has…』
『You don’t learn, do you?』
『Paying for your mistakes?』

… Now then, have you guys provoked her on purpose?


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