Shomin no Aji – Chapter 134

The matter of a certain Sacred Beast might being sharp-eared.


With the time passing, Kaguya’s magical power replenished to some degree and she became able to move again.

『Unyaa… I went through something horrible…』
「But… you’ve heard the conditions, so you have to be careful」
『It was you who come up with the conditions, wasn’t it!?』
「That’s right? I might add more tight conditions too?」
『… That’s won’t be necessary』

Kaguya is currently being mofued on top of my lap.
Though Mashiro and Kurogane wanted the great brushing too, I silenced them when I pointed out their provocation.

「Haa… I feel like the more beasts I contract the harder it gets… I wonder how Sei is dealing with it?」

Did Sei say that he contracted them at once when he left Yahatul?
The circumstances during the contract were different, so there’s no help for it even when I compare with him…

… Still, Byakko-sama was the cause I contracted the duo of Mashiro and Kurogane…
Although I say that, I was saved by making the contracts with them.
I became able to go out, mofu them, mofu them, mofu them… (It’s important so I said it thrice.)

「Oy, Ojou. What’s that on your lap?」
『Oy, Byakko! Don’t approach Lord from behind!』
『Startling Cristea, you mustn’t!』

… S, speak of the Devil… Byakko-sama, aren’t your ears too sharp!?

「That startled me… Byakko-sama, what’s the matter?」
「N? Ahh… I have a delivery. Rather than that, what’s up with that black thing?」

Byakko-sama pointed at Kaguya… N? Kaguya has stiffened all over?

「What’s wrong, Kaguya? Err… umm, it’s a magic beast I contracted today, her name is Kaguya」

She doesn’t move a single bit no matter how much I shake with her… why do I feel like she’s sweating cold…? Her paws are moist from sweat…?

「Ha? A contract with a magic beast? You, what were you thinking!?」
「Even if you tell me that…」

Blah-blah, yadda-yadda… I had the explain the circumstances.

「Haa… you, for what did I search and bring Kurogane and Mashiro to you for…」

It was in order to protect me from magic beasts that aim for my magic power, right? I know that.

『Lord got that fellow under her control on her own, so… there wasn’t the time for us to appear』
『Couldn’t protect her…』

Aaah, I’m sorry… I didn’t intend to smash your guys’ pride, but…

「You listen to me, alright? Don’t go around making contracts anymore, okay? More than this would be troublesome to take care of, wouldn’t it?」

Gunuu, I wasn’t really going around making contracts… n? Did he know?

「Yes… I will be careful」
「Oh well. Oy, you there」

When he suddenly lifted Kaguya up, she was relatively tense… no, frightened?

「Hmm… looks like you originally were a strong magic beast, but your current magical power is still above average… that means」

He fixedly stared at Kaguya

「She’s under a condition that she can only have enough magical power to maintain her cat form」
「You wouldn’t normally reduce the magical power of a contracted beast, you know…」
「I originally didn’t plan on making a contract with her, but…」
「That’s true. However, it’s no different from an ordinary pet like this, you know?」

I’m satisfied as long as I can mofu her, though?


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